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How to PROPERLY Re-Silicone a Shower?

In this video I’m re-siliconing a shower. I used to do a LOT of re-silicone jobs back in the handyman days. This is an old shower that’s had many remedial repairs carried out over the years – as a result a lot of the old silicone needs stripped out and re-done from scratch. I’ll take you through the whole process in quite a bit of detail. It’s all in the prep!

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Video Timings
2:05 – How shower screens work
5:23 – Tools I use for re-silicone jobs
9.44 – Tips before you start
11.03 – Limescale and silicone strip-out
17.40 – Start actual re-silicone work

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  1. Great video, one question about the silicon inside the enclosure. Did you remove it completely? My screen has silicon on the inside and I wonder if I should remove it. I Don't have the instructions manual as I moved into the house.

  2. When doing plumbing jobs for clients i often get asked "would you resilicone the bath or shower before you leave today". Most home owners think its a twenty minute job.
    When i explain it will take 2 to 3 hrs to remove the existing silicone and the area needs 24 hours to dry plus a return visit to actually apply the silicone.They end up shocked.Unfortunately most trades will not bother with this level of preparation and the home owner will be back to square one in a couple of months.

  3. First Class video. You explained and demonstrated everything that was required to do a difficult job in an excellent way. Well done.

  4. Hello there brilliant video just a quick question for you I'm fitting my new bathroom and have just sealed round the tray I'm using the tool to smooth it off but my tiles are like a black glass finish and I'm getting like an oil stain on them off the sealent just wandering of you've encountered this before and if so how did you resolve it thank you but for the rest I'll be using frog tape on the tiles when sealing to prevent this problem.

  5. So today I had a go at this……this made it very easy, thank you. I had a tool that was a plastic scraper and a sealant finisher, though did try with my finger first as I figured it might be easier… wasn't. The finisher made such a difference. Around the external there is a bit of excess (spread really thinly) that I will need to remove but it dried before I noticed it. The internal seemed easier than the external funnily enough. But if push come to shove, I can always take it off and do it again. Thank you so much for posting.

  6. Great video. I've used Multisolve to remove silicone, and it works great. It's similar to WD40 except it doesn't leave the oily residue.

  7. Thanks Andy.. Most comprehensive video on removing and re-sealing silicone sealant I;ve watched, you seem to have covered everything so to be able to do a professional job. I wonder if you have tried using WD40 to compare results against silicone remover chemicals ? Also have you managed to find any seleant that actually does not get mould attack eventually ? I have not found one yet. Love your explanation of how and where to actually seal a shower properly as a few customers I have installed for have questioned me as to why I have not sealed on the inside rather than the outside. You explained it better than I did ! One thing I always do where I have to remove silicone in tricky corners is put masking tape on anything acrylic around the area so you can use metal blades with more confidence to protect against scrathces.

  8. If you are ever resealing a shower, I would ALWAYS recommend removing the screen and resealing the little bit between the tray and wall behind the wall channel. Waste of time resealing if you don't do this bit.

  9. Tried to wing this before checking the video, messed it up badly lol, no wipes so there was silicone getting stuck everywhere and it took me minutes to get it off my fingers, didn't know about the whole soapy water trick people use, didn't cut the tip of the silicone thing so the stream coming out of the gun was tiny and barely covered anything, didn't use tape so it got all over my tiles as i went back to try and fix the spots that weren't properly covered lol, definitely pays to study this carefully first lol

  10. really great video, I do not agree with others you talk too much, on the contrary, you explain it so well with words and action, unlike some instructions vids that last for 2 minutes and you're non the wiser. Very happy with this, exactly what I need to know. Thanks and continue this way please !

  11. Well done. I am highly critical of many presenters because they are so dogmatic. This presentation was relaxing and explained the reasoning behind all procedures. On top of that there wasn't all the all too common acid rock music. The music was appropriate background music and only played when the presenter was not talking.

  12. Thank you for your video, it is very useful. Could you tell me if the 785 bacterial resistant silicone is it OK for using in kitchens around the sink alternatively could you recommend me one.

  13. All these videos of tubs that are so clean and nice you wonder what the heck they are doing – guys show us some really grungy tubs & how to get rid of the grunge please

  14. Great video and thanks. Watched it just in the nick of time as I would have made a hoop of the job (again!). BTW, the WD40 definitely works as a removal aid – used that as I had it.

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