How to Recover from Flood Damage | The Home Depot

Learn how to safely remove water, clean and restore your home after a flood with this informative video from The Home Depot.

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How to Recover from Flood Damage | The Home Depot

7 thoughts on “How to Recover from Flood Damage | The Home Depot

  1. Hey, Jay are you IICRC Certified in Water Restoration? I don't think so because you are not following the protocol for water damage! Homeowners do yourselves a favor and call a professional that is certified and insured to help you mitigate water damage and restore your home.

  2. First step should be keeping water out instead of getting water out that"s already in the house. It does you no good to dry the house out only to have more water coming in. Its kinda obvious.

  3. Totally wrong focus from a source of shear ignorance. AND a waste of building materials that are fully recoverable. Oh yeah, you're getting advice from a non-trained and uncertified individual that knows nothing about IICRC or the S500…wow! What a liability to lead homeowners or business owners in this direction.

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