Mold Removal

How to Remove Mold from a Leather Sofa (Cleaning Leather) How to restore and clean a Leather Sofa

In this video, I show you How to Remove Mold from a leather Sofa in three easy steps and how to restore and clean a leather sofa to its former glory.

The leather care cream that I use within this video is great for conditioning old tired leather furniture – so if you wish to restore an old leather sofa that’s dry and cracked the cream works like magic in renovating, cleaning and protecting leather furniture.

For a link to the leather protection cream:
For a link to the leather cleaner:

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If you enjoyed this video on how to remove mold from a leather sofa and how to restore and clean a leather sofa then I look forward to reading your comments below.

We have what was an expensive leather sofa suite that is now 19 years old and once a year we use the leather cleaner and twice a year the leather protection cream just to keep the leather sofa looking and feeling good.

After cleaning the leather I simply apply the leather protection cream just before we go to bed, I don’t wipe it off but just let it soak into the leather, in the morning the leather shows no cracks and feels like new again. It also smells nice which is a bonus!


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  1. Hi Mark… good work…. nice tip….. veru nice share…. i reed your comment… thank you so much! Big hug

  2. Thank you!! I hope it works on my Black Leather Jackets, which I just pulled out of 3 yrs. in storage… Ugh. 😣

  3. Stumbled upon this today… and watching right to the end. You are verifying the technique I'm using on my couch. My gorgeous red Palliser full-grain leather sectional was a splurge and I loved it. It lived in our basement… a warm and dry space… and then one day we had a leak from the rain outside. We moved the couch to the other side of space – about 12ft away. We removed any even-damp drywall, ripped up and disposed of the carpet and underpad, and had the problem fixed while we aired out the whole space. Fans going all the time. Still our couch picked up a bit of mold. And since we were no longer using the lower level, it spread. So… anyone who has this happen… pay movers to move your leather to storage or anywhere else to protect it. Crap happens to us all.

  4. Great vid. I was wondering is there any chance mold could be trapped inside the chairs and still growing.

  5. Molds like leather sofa reason why I prefer fabric sofa any time any day. All same learned alot today😊 full view🙌

  6. Awesome learning video! Thank you! It's a very useful tutorial!
    Left a big like for you & a full video & ad view as I always do for friends

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