How to Remove MOLD from Aircon BLOWER WHEEL | Cleaning Air Conditioner Unit

Cleaning the filters dont help since after inspecting with a flashlight, the mold appears to be on the blower wheel and probably behind it.

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22 thoughts on “How to Remove MOLD from Aircon BLOWER WHEEL | Cleaning Air Conditioner Unit

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing.. I've been wondering all this while how to open the blower.. thanks to you that I've successfully cleaned my aircon blower..

  2. Thanks for the tips. However not all Ac’s blower will be easily removed like what you did. They will normally be connected with the motor which you should first un screw it and remove the bearings which might take you longer time.

  3. Nice one mate, got the same unit. Helped heaps to clean it. So yeah thanks for making the video mate. Oh yeah, and my wife says thank you too! Happy wife, happy life! 👍👍

  4. If you watch the HydroKleen demonstration on cleaning an Air conditioner in situ – they can clean the whole head unit back to as new in about 3 or 4 minutes without having to take anything apart other than the covers – it saves breaking anything and cleans the whole head unit !! They invented the wet wash system ….

  5. It's not hard. Its all about process and remembering order and where things go. I bumped my way threw it the first time and only after realized how to remove the blower lol. I got it done just a much messier way hahaha

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