How To Remove Stains & Clean Doll Vinyl Limbs Tutorial for Dolls like American Girl ~HD~

How To Clean Doll Vinyl Limbs & Remove Stains from Dolls like American Girl ~HD~ It should work on many stains, from everyday grime to permanent markers, inks, paints, dyes etc.
Need a magic eraser (any brand) and a zit/spot cream containing at least 10% benzoyl peroxide, any brand will do, e.g. Oxy10, Clearasil , Clean & Clear, avoid salicylic acid it won’t work.
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26 thoughts on “How To Remove Stains & Clean Doll Vinyl Limbs Tutorial for Dolls like American Girl ~HD~

  1. my babydolls has embedded dirt marks from handling and shiny spots. nothing seems to work. I tried everything. 😔

  2. Zapf dolls vinyl face…arms & legs have that dark look…can "Magic eraser" bring bk t/colour to t/doll?

  3. I have a doll that is about 50 years old and kept in a smoking environment. She has black arms from the elbows down. Don't know how to lighten them back up. Does not come off with dawn and water. Anybody that can help?

  4. Sooooooo I got this doll from my cousin and I put pants on it, the ink from the pants stained it, I tried toothpaste, magic eraser, baking soda and water, soap and water, 70% benzoyl peroxide, and gasoline for cleaning, what should I do?

  5. American doll's leggs got severely stained with her black leggings she wore all year long! Tried wiping it off with baking soda water mix… DID NOT WORK!!! Please help me fix this! Any tips on what will work?

  6. Mary bel the doll that gets well has too dying pink spots two in her lower back leg . I have been trying to find a way to get rid of it.

  7. Thank you for all the great videos on dolls. Do you have any suggestions for getting perfume out of the vinyl parts? I have purchased a beautiful used AG doll, but the fragrance gives me a headache. I took her apart and tried soaking her limbs in H2O2 and also in activated charcoal and zeolite and bentonite (for a week) – none of those have worked. People always recommend vinegar and baking soda (for nearly everything) but they don't get fragrance molecules out of plastics. I'm wondering if the heat treatment you recommend for activating the benzyol peroxide might accelerate zeolite or charcoal or other substance to remove the fragrance or even if heat alone might somehow "open the pores" of the vinyl so the fragrance molecules can escape. Any advice from you is appreciated!

  8. thank you so much this was super helpful, I'll be doing a 22 yr old vintage doll cleaning I hope it will work hehe! I'll keep you updated!

  9. Really helpful. Just bought a vintage Baby Sasha for my granddaughter. The doll has got 5 biro dot marks, (3

    on her face)and as she is mid tanned and not a blonde blue eyed doll I was worried about any lasting damage from UK equivalent 'Clearasil'. Worried no longer and will use Magic sponge to clean her with!!!😊many thanks!!!!

  10. I need to deep clean Isabelle's arms as she wore an offending short sleeved velvet leotard for over 2 weeks and it left black marks on her arms. I tried magic eraser with little luck. Problem though. It's almost winter here and the sun rarely comes out. Do you think it would help to place her near the laundry dryer area while it's being used and when it's not to use an electric heater in a small area that can be closed off? Also, her cloth body picked up some of the black. I tried using a lint brush over it in case it was simply black dust. It's not bad. The only reason I noticed it is because where the body tag lay, beneath it you can see where it's lighter. I just don't want any future clothing to take some black with it. Thank you!

  11. Hi! I need some advice. I bought a TLC doll on ebay, and she's COVERED in blue sharpie. I thought it was just washable marker, but no… It's sharpie. I've tried the oxy treatment, and it's starting to fade a bit, but is there another way to get rid of it all quicker? To be more specific, it's all over the tops of her arms, her hands, in random spots on her face and legs (those aren't as bad as on her arms though), and a little bit on the non-cloth part of the body (the part where her arms and legs connect to it). Thank you!

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