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How To Remove Stuck Resin From A Silicone Mold

Stuck resin getting you down?
Then you’re going to love today’s Video Friday!

Joanne has not 1 …
not 2 …
but 3 tips for you …
plus a bonus tip!

So, to avoid resin stuck in silicone molds, the following may help:

TIP 1:
Remove the resin at the 24 hr mark, when it’s dry to the touch but still soft and pliable and has some give.

TIP 2:
ALL SILICONE MOLDS WILL EVENTUALLY BREAK DOWN … however, try to use a silicone mold designed for casting as they are stronger and last longer ( you can find these online ) Silicone molds designed for baking will work, but keep in mind they will break down faster.

TIP 3:
If your resin mold is stuck, try this simple trick to help release it.
Pour freshly boiled water ( that has been allowed to cool for a few minutes ) into a dish and let your mold sit in it. Take care not to splash water on the surface of your resin. Let it sit for 10, 15, 20 minutes, depending on the thickness of your piece. The water will soften the resin enough to release it from the mold.
Keep in mind, that if your silicone mold has started to break down, you may still get bits of it stuck to the edges of your piece. These can easily be sanded off.
Also keep in mind that if your mold is too far gone, this technique may not work, but it’s definitely worth a shot!

A few of our viewers suggested the opposite end of the spectrum is equally successfully … allowing the resin and silicone mold to freeze will allow you to unmold it. Seemed to work! But again, the same thing applies … it may leave a little silicone residue on the resin that you can sand off, and if your mold is too far gone, even this may not be enough to save it ☹️

Hope this this saves a petri dish or two out there!!

Do you have a resin tip to share with the world?
Let us know – we just might share your tip on an upcoming episode of Video Friday!

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  1. If you make your silicone molds with Smooth On products , you'll have much less of an issue with your molds getting stuck , it's not called smooth on for nothing , smooth on , smooth off.

  2. Can you show us one that is actually stuck please. This did nothing. Show one that is fused to the Mold vs something that doesn’t look to have a problem. I seem to only have this issue with this brand. Not very impressed anymore.

  3. Hello, I make a mistake of cleaning my molds in the sink and now my porcelain sink has cured resin everywhere. I tried alcohol and vinegar (googled them) but it didn't work. Sorry for bothering you but do you have any ways to fix this?

  4. So I’m making a square ashtray and I’ve already bought this mold 3 times because of it sticking to the resin and ripping. I tried the freezer method but not much of a change. I will try the hot water method but I’m wondering because my mold has not hit its 24 hour mark, I see it is already sticking to my mold. Does this mean that my mold melted and therefore not able to be saved? I need some SERIOUS help with this one! Thanks

  5. How come my resin is remaining pliable once cured? It appears solid when demolding. But when the items are left in a hot car or even brought to just body temperature the material becomes bendable and loses its structural support

  6. What if ur resin is not cured in moulds and semi cured and a bit sticky…. can we retain the coasters 🤔 if they are not cured any tips or it will go into waist.

  7. Hi hun your videos are so good. Had a question…do you guys sell Art Resin Moulds…I need the round ones and seems to be a challenge to find them. Amazons saying 26th April I cant sait that long. Thsnks

  8. I ripped my brand new mold, tried the freezer trick, that didn't work and ripped it more, im going to try the hot water trick next… 🤦
    I use this resin and the mold is a 6 mold version of the example y'all used in the video 🤷 hopefully it works

  9. I use a silicone cup to mix my resin so I don’t have to use new cups every time, however, I have bits of resin left over in my cup that doesn’t want to unstick. How do I get those tiny bits removed from the inside of my cup?

  10. I added more hardener with out realizing I feel so bad right now because the molds I’m using are my favorite ones I will try this thank you

  11. This did not work for me. My mold is torn & I am trying to remove the small pieces of silicone off of my coaster. 🙁 My first try at resin is not going well. Any suggestions? I have OGGIBOX molds

  12. i dont know why my mold got bumpy and the resin turned to be not straight from the bottom ..not straight surface at the bottom
    help !

  13. I have a brand new mold that is now completely ruined because it ripped when trying to remove the epoxy. It was right at the 24 hour mark that I removed it. I will try removing sooner next time. But since it was a new mold could it just have been a cheap quality mold?

  14. If the resin is tacky after you remove it from the freezer and it is still tacky what else should you do???

  15. Hello, i see this too late… M'y mold was really stuck on my resin and left silicone on my resin pyramid. How can I clean that now? IT left like a plastic film on some places. Thanks for your help.

  16. Im not sure if there is a better (*free*) method for removing a resin piece out of a hard plastic mould (which im guessing is better suited for chocolate… but i digress lol)…so I tried this hot water trick on my mould, i left it in the water for 5mins and it basically popped right out!

    i was seconds away from gnawing at it with my teeth like a savage — im glad my cloud of frustration did not overpower my common sense to troubleshoot

    Thanks for the tip!

  17. I just wrecked two (individual) molds 🙁 and it was before the 24 hr mark. I even used that 'silicone mold releaser" because my molds are lovely, and $$$$. So, I will try the freezer trick first. Thanks for the video 🙂

  18. It looks like the one in the freezer wasn't really unstuck because it has pulled away the silicone and damaged the mold. You can see the blue of the mold stuck to the side of the red piece. When the resin and the mold 'fuses' in this way, no amount of heat or cooling seems to work. It's more of a complete bond between the resin and mold, not just a case of it being difficult to remove.

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