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How to treat Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Grow

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Hey everyone today is day 56 of flowering! Found out we have some Powdery Mildew so will be spraying some Hydrogen Peroxide to kill it off a few times before harvest then we will add an extra step to our Bud Washing Harvest coming up to make sure there clean.

Flowering cycle 11 hours on and 13 hours off.

I am feeding them 2-Part BlueMax line from Blue Planet Nutrients with Mammoth P.

We will also be adding CalMag when needed since the water is from the RO filter with only 30PPM.

Much luv!


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  1. I think I have powdery mildew on my plants during the first couple weeks of veg smh any help.? What should I spray them with ASAP ?? And I have been spraying them with the lights on (I know not smart) so I have some burning too

  2. Hello, any help here is appreciated. I just learned about white powdery mildew on plants today when i looked it up, as my plants have some. A few plants dont have it, some do. On the ones that do have wpm, most of the leaves on the plant are very slightly white, doesnt seem like there is a big layer of mildew and i dont see any on the buds. Ive read some people put a baking soda or peroxide solution on the leaves and was just wondering what is best. Also since the plant has budded does that mean there will be mildew in the buds? Just a newbie here trying to get some help and hoping i dont waste most of my crop. Thanks!

  3. you need to just throw plants away with mildew in flower, and start over and spray the shit out of the veg room. mildew in flower at any week is a disaster and no dispensary will buy that shit around here.

  4. The dehumidifier needs to be in the tent lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ donโ€™t spray milk on the flowers it will smell like vomit just h202 and water no lemon no baking soda

  5. Got some powdery mildew on my 3 flowering plants. the are 7 weeks into flower. H202 spray just on leaves? should i try to keep it off buds as much as possible or just spray it all? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Nice very nice plants looking amazing buds are huge and looking real nice beautiful setup great job bro great job check me out also and subscribe if you haven't yet I would really appreciate it stay tune cheers and growers luv

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