How to waterproof your shower installation with the Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT Complete Kit

This video will show you the complete installation from start to finish of the Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT. The Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT contains all the components needed to create a waterproof and vapor-tight shower assembly. So what’s in the KIT?
A roll of KERDI waterproofing membrane is included, which is used to protect walls from moisture penetration. You will also find KERDI-BAND waterproofing strips, to seal all seams and connections. KERDI-KERECK preformed inside and outside corners are supplied to easily seal vulnerable areas of your shower. A KERDI-SEAL-PS pipe seal and a KERDI-SEAL-MV mixing valve seal are included. These are used to seal pipe protrusions and protect moisture-sensitive solid backing panels. All kits contain a KERDI-SHOWER-T, TS or TT sloped shower tray with integrated KERDI waterproofing. The trays are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.You also get a KERDI-BOARD-SC shower curb which is waterproof, lightweight and ready to tile. And finally, a KERDI-DRAIN floor drain with an integrated bonding flange that connects to the KERDI waterproofing membrane on the tray. KERDI-DRAIN accepts the included fully adjustable square grate assembly. KERDI-SHOWER-KITS are available in a variety of shapes and configurations. Some kits do not include the drain or grate to allow for more flexibility in flange and grate selection. Check out the video to watch the COMPLETE installation from START to FINISH of all of these components. Always refer to the Schluter®-Shower Installation Handbook, which provides specific installation requirements and instructions.

Check out our website to download the Schluter®-Shower System Installation Handbook:

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34 thoughts on “How to waterproof your shower installation with the Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT Complete Kit

  1. Question regarding the 'fairly fluid' thinset used along the Kerdi-band. Do we follow the same instruction as for the tile or we add a small additionnel portion of water at the beginning of the mixing?

  2. I installed my shower, but missed the part where you discuss “memory” in the corner pieces – I could not get them smooth due to the shipping fold – blocking them to flatten them out created a couple of other dimples (oops). I guess I just cut those flaws out and put a Kerdi-band patch over the flaws?

  3. considering giving this a shot on our own. I've seen the system on a lot of home improvement shows. Question is, how does one install glass doors/panels into the foam curbs?

  4. I don't understand why all the parts that get applied in an order that seems to be backwards. If water were to get under any part it will stay under forever. you example starts from the top down basically. Why don't you start at the drain and work your way up installed the pieces so the higher pieces fall on top of the next going down.

  5. Will this membrane accept heavy tiles. i plan to use durock for my walls for that purpose. is durock an overkill since the video depicts the use of regular drywell. Thanks

  6. I’ve installed everything and planning to do a water test tomorrow night but I just can’t understand one step and how it creates a waterproof barrier. When doing the shower pan I put in each of the corners. I’ve cut the Kerri band to put between but I don’t understand how it is waterproof without overlapping. Looks like there is a small gap between the corners and the band in your video. Is this correct? Aren’t those areas where water can travel? Do I need to overlap it or use the Kerdi caulk? There is thin set but that’s not waterproof.

  7. I have a custom shower floor size, larger than the sizes that you sell is there add on pieces for larger shower floor sizes?

  8. Which thin set is best using Kerdi board and Schluter shower kit? I ordered un modified Schluter set. Will this applicable for installing the tile as well?

  9. I have a travertine shower with a failed shower pan. Rather than replacing all of the tile work in the entire shower, can I demo and replace the pan, remove two feet of the old travertine and shingle the new Kerdi a few inches above and behind the old shower wall base? Would this create a wicking problem over time? This would allow me to keep most of the old tile work. Thank you!

  10. Do you have to use the supplied curb? Just wondering if it's possible to have a curbless shower and completely waterproof the floor still using this kit.

  11. Not very detailed intructions…they left out the piece that has the rubber ring which goes around the underside of the drain….going into subfloor hole

  12. Shouter works as well as any other backer board, only it is extremely costly. One of the reasons for the high cost is their “multiple level distribution system”. By the time the end user buys the product it has been transferred to multiply layers of distribution ….. eCh taking a cut.

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