Hydrangeas in Your Garden

Hey Flower Tribe, I wanted to share some tips for hydrangeas in your garden.
The most popular hydrangea care question i get asked by gardeners every year is , ” Why aren’t my hydrangeas blooming ?”. I made a series of hydrangea care videos to help unravel the mystery of getting your hydrangea flower to bloom in your summer garden . Hope you find these garden tips helpful .

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Videos i mentioned –
➡️ https://youtu.be/DGsz971LtQA
➡️ https://youtu.be/4Bpe0uPKuZM
LUSH LEAVES BUT NO BLOOMS? ( too much nitrogen in the soil )
➡️  https://youtu.be/CTM5EVtqK3M
➡️ https://youtu.be/Q9t0uykceB4

➡️ https://youtu.be/yGdyKr4ITgw
➡️ https://youtu.be/udMGg0IFZUo

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Thanks for watching the video Hydrangeas in Your Garden

25 thoughts on “Hydrangeas in Your Garden

  1. Please let me know where you are viewing this from in comments below . I love o see how our flower tribe is growing around the globe each week . 😊🌻🌍👍🌸

  2. I bought a house in May 2020 and i am such a newbie to all this planting. There were four Beautiful hydrangeas then they died prob because I didn’t water them. I ripped off a lot of the dying stems around winter because they turned brown. Again I have no idea so starting to do my research. Luckily I didn’t pull out two and they are starting to grow a nice green color.

  3. For the person who's hydrangea won't bloom. I did everything for 3 years with no luck….my cousin took it and planted it in North Carolina and boom it bloomed. I bought it here in NH as an endless summer tag said it was within my zone but was obviously marked wrong. So you may have planted it and had mild winters for the first years if it did bloom. I was so frustrated with it even tested soil 4 times. Now I just buy proven winners.

  4. Hi! I bought beautiful rich blue hydrangeas in 2013. Overtime, they got pinker. I think the soil PH is to high and that is why it turned pink. I am currently adding peat moss evenly around the 5 hydrangea shrubs I have. Are there any other recommendations that I can do to make it back that rich Blue color? Thanks!

  5. Every year I'm having problems with hydrangea leaf tier on my Annabelle's. I heard you can use btk on the stems in spring as a preventative measure does it work? when should I spray the stems?

  6. I am glad I found you, I think your going to be very informative for me. I am new to planting am now at that age that I want to decor my outdoors with pretty perennials, so I need to learn.

  7. Hey flower friend, since talking to you last year about my dieing hydrangeas caused by over kill on the fertalizer etc, I cut my smooths back and my runaways I just left but gave blood, fish, bone meal, mulched in winter all 8, 4 of each are growing back brilliantly. I go out every morning and inspect and are making me happy as they are coming along lovely now. Just making sure I don't repeat last mistakes again. Had to throw my 2 blue hydrangeas as there was no hope for those 2.Thanks for your advice on keeping them alive. Less is more. From peterborough, u. k. X

  8. Kelly although I did not catch your live streaming I think this video is super informative. The questions asked by your flower tribe were great! Thanks. ❤️🇨🇦

  9. KY here..I love hydrangeas planted more than 20 of them 2019 but none of them flowers last year2020..Thanks for sharing i try all the tips and hopefully i see flowers this year2021..🥰

  10. NH here. I have many hydrangea and will probably have many more since my neighbor clear cut his property and now all my rhododendrons will have full sun all day from only getting full sun until 11am noonish. We will see. Great video.

  11. The course sounds great , just hope it's not to over whelming with to much knowledge lol. I don't want a farm just enough flowers to make a few personal bouquet .Zone 6b

  12. Thank you for uploading these to youtube! I miss the live videos. Learning so much, especially with the hydrangea scabbing you mentioned at 35:00

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