Incredible Attic Mold Killing Results! ! — Moldy Attic Fixed by Insulwise in Pittsburgh

After eliminating the moisture flow into the attic by sealing the air leaks in the attic floor, we then killed the mold with a solution that not only kills it, but makes the mold stains disappear. As you can see the plywood on the underside of the roof, that 2 weeks ago was almost completely black, now looks almost brand new. And this is inside a 35 year old home!
Folks this mold is not coming back, the house is far more energy efficient and comfortable than it ever was in the past, and most importantly — the home owners are happy! If you live in the Pittsburgh area and have a mold problem in your attic, call Insulwise at 878- COMFORT and we’ll come and evaluate it for you and provide you with options to create a permanent solution!

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