Indoor Air Quality Testing – Mold remediation

Indoor Air Quality Testing – Mold remediation – Thermometer, hygrometer used after a mold remediation project to measure indoor air humidity. Home Inspector Marko Vovk shows you how to test for indoor humidity after a mold remediation, water drying, water extraction, flood clean up, basement flood or sewer backup pDryer Vent Cleaning Quick Easy Trick
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roject. Unfortunately, he encounters some funny obstacles.

12 thoughts on “Indoor Air Quality Testing – Mold remediation

  1. Haven't laughed so hard in ages.  I had to watch it a second time because after the band aid scene there were tears in my eyes and I couldn't see a thing for two minutes!  Jeez, I thought you were dead set on getting it to spin correctly, until I saw you come out with the hard hat.  LOL

  2. Both, it shows you how to do it and it is a joke. I teach seminars and I have some funny clips to keep people from sleeping. This is one of them.

  3. Zguba~ I couldn't stop laughing after the 1st hit, then the hardhat finale was great !!!!!
    Of course very educational. We got one of those at work and no one uses it. (Much less know what a cyclometric chart is.! btw- Get with the program and get some "spiderman" bandages 🙂

  4. LOL.. there has got to be a easier way to do this. dont they have something like on a spinning motor. I know the importance of relative and dew points. Funny vid.

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