Is Water Damaging Your Wood Floors?

Check Out These Helpful Solutions To Keep It From Happening Again

Wood floors are one of the most beautiful flooring options. It exudes a certain warmth to the area where they are installed. Not all wood floors are the same, though. Some types of wood used for flooring are very hard wood while others are softer. Soft woods are as beautiful as hard ones but they are more prone to rotting or splitting compared to the hard type. Hardwood floors are more durable and can withstand heavy traffic and long years of usage. However, it is still very much possible to water damage hardwood floors even with its characteristics of hardness. Wood floor water damage repair is expensive.

water damage wood floor
Water Damage to Wood Floor

If you have wood floors and did not know the right way of taking care of them, chances are you may have experienced water damage and worse, floor replacement or repair. Water is a standout amongst the most ruinous components that can harm wood floors.  Pipe leaks can come from many sources, such as floods, dripping roofs, rain splatters, or leaking sewers.Another source of water damage hard-wood floors frequently encounter is the very simple housekeeping task of mopping but using a very wet mop.


Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

If water sits too long on wood, it will penetrate into the wood and will cause it to warp. When the wood warps or swells, it will push against the side walls which will eventually cause the floor to crack.  If the flooring is nailed, the nails may rust or loosen if it is constantly soaked in water.  If the flooring is glued together, the water will release the glue and loosen the boards.

First, make sure your wood is finished with a protective coating of urethane, polyurethane, or acrylic. These protective wood finishes will shield your floors from water, scratches and stains and will also transform your floors into a beautiful piece of work. If you frequently notice water on the floor, check where it comes from and fix that problem at the source. If there is a leaky pipe or sewer, close it or change it If it is a leaking roof, repair or replace the shingles or shakes, mend a blister or crack in a flat roof, reseal flashings and valley and if worse comes to worse, you would probably need to replace the whole roof. For rain splatters, find out where it is coming from and put in some sort of cover or protection so the splatter does not reach your wood floors.

For daily maintenance, vacuum your floor using a vacuum specifically for wood floors which will not damage the finish and expose the bare wood. Mop with a damp mop, never with a wet mop. Do not believe in the water and vinegar solution as the acid in the vinegar will only damage the wood. If you need to, use water and soap but immediately follow with a dry cloth. With the right preventive and maintenance measures in place, your wood floor water damage repair works will never be necessary again.

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