KGTV ep.5 | 5 Tips To Make Your Home More Attractive to Homebuyers! Sell Your Home for More in 2021

5 Tips To Make Your Home More Attractive to Homebuyers! Sell Your Home for More in 2021

1. Make your home move-in ready
– update outdated items such as light fixtures, doorknobs, paint, carpet

2. Make your home bright
– remove or open window curtains and treatments
– change your lightbulb to daylight bright
– remove windows screens
– paint walls to a lighter color

3. Make your home smell nice
– remove old furniture
– remove mold smell, use a dehumidifier in the basement
– don’t cook smelly food
– get air fresheners that are pleasant like Febreze

4. Stage your home properly
– move furniture around for better balance and flow, each room should have a central point
– remove bulky and old furniture to the garage or basement

5. Clean, declutter, depersonalize – inside and outside

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