Laminate in rental

I moved into this house almost 2 years ago, the previous Tennant was here 2 years and upon moving in and recording things we write down and took some pictures of the livingroom laminate. It had separated planks, it was an awful job sealing the plank edge together, like chunks of sealant oozing out, some bowed in places even you walked on it, and deep scratches, we took pictures of the deep scratches and bubbled planks, and recorded on paper the rest of the issues. Now FF to now, my fridge had a leak in the filter and some got on the part of the laminate and bubbled underneith about 7 of the boards. My roommate for whatever reason refused to tell the landord and give me harassment hell until I snapped at her, and she told them. They sent someone out to look and he called me with an estimate of $2200 to replace the entire floor including the issues that were there beforehand that he thought We caused. I corrected him and told him there were pictures and documents of the scratches and damage before we moved in. He had no idea, so now he said he has to “investigate” to see if we’re did record the floor was damaged upon move in. I do have proof we did because the main complaint about the house was the creaky bubble floor ( I called it that, felt like walking on cracky bubbles). I told him I would pay for the accident, but only for the area that the water hit, NOT the previous tenants issues which were 90% of the rest of the floor. That they should of recorded upon their move out. They cant charge me for both repairs, can they? I was going too tell them too.i just keep my deposit and pet deposit too.i put towards the floor, but they said they who’s get back to me in a few days…

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