LIVE: When to KEEP or KILL Sick Plants??? (TUESDAY GROW TALK)

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36 thoughts on “LIVE: When to KEEP or KILL Sick Plants??? (TUESDAY GROW TALK)

  1. I’ve seen a pure hydro set up where it was just fish and the plants all types of different things … now it wasn’t cannabis but there was a variety.

  2. Ya grow boss just talks mad shit.. he's got good knowledge. But he's a its his way only there is no other way.. loyally stay breezy

  3. Condolences. This channel has helped me in several ways outside of growing dank ass weed. No one is truly gone if they are not forgotten.

  4. Weird aphid story here, I was growing a bunch of 9 lb hammers that got infested with aphids late in flower to the point the whole plants were covered up and down the stems, I had nightmares about it, I spent 3 hours a day killing them by hand with rubber gloves and they would put off this horrid smell when I squished them and I actually kept the buds, made bho and the bho tasted like dead aphid also the clones I had in veg I was able to completely take care of them before flower, after flowering the non infested clones they tasted like dead aphid. Kinda weird in my opinion.

  5. Amio acid from the start of your plants help alot to prevent pm, helps plants take in more calcium ions so they can build stronger cell walls with thicker calcium pectate. prevents pm spores from being able to latch and germinate. after that can add kelp/humic acid for boosting immunity aswell.

  6. When we used, If not dried out Happy Frog or Ocean Forest, its Fungus Knats first day guraaannnnttteeed.. And if you over water… Forgggget about it. lol But y'all spot on!

  7. Sorry to hear about your grandparents passing however did you say your Grandad and Great Granma? is this Son and mother or separate sides?

  8. Missed the live😭 My condolences gro-bros. Lost my mom to COVID in July. I've burned my plants with too much Nutella, mainly nitrogen. But, have them bounce back pretty quick. I have a huge seed bank, but feel if it can be saved. Why waste it lol. Thats just me. Keep it good bro🀘😝🀘

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