Mold Removal

Magic The Gathering Basement Clean up FINDS

Thank you for watching, sorry for the length of this Video but looking through cards can take time, please subscribe and join the fun! You can also find me on the following

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  1. Ohhh, man, I wish I had some friends getting rid of their cards or some basement cleaning going off XD Congrats on the finds, I love the old stuff being revised XD Great vid, really fun 😀 Do it againnn

  2. I love the looks of the old cards, i still have some of my very old cards from 4th edition and its always nice to look at them. Great video

  3. lots of nice weatherlight, visions, mirage, alliances stuff besides the obvious pulls. some 5, 10, 20 buck cards in there; squandered resourses, thought lash, ritual of the machine for example..should look some of that up, more value than you might think.

  4. Pretty sure ritual of the machine and demonic consultation are reserved list. Same with second chance, winters night. Martyrs cry

  5. I have always kind of wanted to buy those random collections that I see for 20-50 bucks but I never bite on it. Maybe I should do it just for the fun of looking at random cards that I probably won’t own since I wasn’t around for a lot of magics older sets

  6. Also I'd love to get my hands on old bulk legends and the dark in any language. Even some great arabian nights! Crazy good find. Send me your next water damage box 😅

  7. Haha plateau "not bad" it's 200 bucks in that played condition! And demonic tutor revised went from 15 to 65 bucks this year alone… Was that an unlimited or revised…?

  8. Hey MoxMan! Echo tracer from legions. Fun fact about that set is that it was a creature only set, instants or enchantments or nuttin.

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