Microgreens MOLD or ROOT HAIRS & How To Tell The Difference?!

Microgreens MOLD or ROOT HAIRS & How To Tell The Difference?! /// If you are learning how to grow microgreens and need some microgreens advise on moldy microgreens or microgreens fungus, this microgreens video will have the best microgreens tips from a qualified microgreens farmer. Growing microgreens and microgreens farming can be tricky, especially when running a microgreens business so make sure to utilize my donnygreens youtube channel for microgreens how to, growing microgreens at home, and indoor farming. Micro greens are a great way to get started with indoor gardening, organics gardening and urban farming. Donny greens tells all when It comes to indoor microgreens.

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15 thoughts on “Microgreens MOLD or ROOT HAIRS & How To Tell The Difference?!

  1. lol I threw away my last grow after few days because I thought it was all damaged after being stacked with no airflow. thanks for this video!

  2. I'm growing my first batch of broccoli sprouts right now. I saw those root hairs and yelled "FUCK!" Then I found this video and feel a lot better 😛

  3. I just started growing my first trays and on day two I saw the white fuzz and thought oh..mold, thank you for this video I now know it was just root hairs😀

  4. This video needs 10x more likes and views. Thank you. I was just going to throw out all my microgreens because of the white fuzz on the roots but now i won't. Thank you again

  5. I still cant tell. Its all over the plate at the border between air/soil. Definitively white, and fine. Crop looks very healthy. No particular taste or smell. Kinda dissapears when spraying water on them. I think its root hairs but not 100%.

  6. Where do you buy your light set up from? Looking to build a similar set up to yours. Thanks for all the great information you provide!

  7. One of the most asked questions from beginners most defiantly!
    Great video helping establish the differences! 🙂
    We always see root hairs on our Brassica's and Radish 🙂

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