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Mold And Fungi Are Simple Microscopic Organisms

Mold and Fungi are simple microscopic organisms that can be found almost anywhere, indoors and outdoors. If you have ever raked leaves under a tree you probably have noticed that the leaves start to breakdown and you will see mold or mildew. When you have this going in on inside your home the mold can become toxic. When you have toxic mold this can impact your indoor air quality and can affect your entire family health. The toxic mold can be ingested from food, inhaled through air or absorbed by contact with the skin. Once you have toxic mold it will only continue to spread until you have the mold removed and correct the cause of the problem

mold and fungi

Toxic mold is known as black mold and it usually has the appearance of a greenish-black and can be slimy if touched. Toxic mold spreads by spores and it has particular affinity for high-cellouse material such as wall paper, carpet, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation or paper. The greater the moisture content the faster the spores will grow and colonization starts.

If you have noticed black spots on your ceiling, under your sink, or have a history with water damage, flooding, lack of ventilation in bathrooms or cracks in your foundation you can be at risk for the development for toxic mold.


Individuals today more than ever are concerned about mold in their home and how it can affect their health. You should have a professional visit your home where they will do an assessment, interview, inspect your home and collect samples which will be sent to a certified lab. The lab results will provide you with the answers regarding mold and air you are breathing.

mouldy ceiling

Touching or being exposed to mold can have not only serious health related problems for all exposed it can cause damage to the foundation of your home. You should not attempt to handle this yourself. Mold testing and remediation should be left to the professional who has the training and equipment to handle this in a timely and safe manner.

The most effective way to removal mold is to have the mold removed by following the recommended treatment plan, identify and correct the cause of the increased moisture. After the remediation is completed a post clearance test should be considered to make sure the mold has been removed successfully and the indoor air quality levels are back to acceptable levels for you and your family to live.

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