Mold in Rental Property

Beware landlords, mold can be in a rental property or apartment. And, you, as a landlord, may be liable if tenants develop mold-related health issues. But, it is easy to avoid. Watch this video for key tips: why mold grows, where is mold likely to be, preventing mold, and how to kill mold. This video can save you major headaches!

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Sell Your Apartments

George T – Investing in Rental Housing

George is a real estate broker who helps people buy or sell investment houses, plexes and apartments. His knowledge of investment properties, primarily houses, plexes and apartments, is based on owning about 80 of these properties in his life. He knows these investment properties, and now he’s sharing his knowledge with you!

George is the author of “GET RICH from PLEXES and APARTMENTS – Practical Tips from 40 Years’ Experience Buying, Managing and Selling Plexes and Apartments”

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