Mold in Walls, Part 3

In this final installment, we look at laboratory-based methods to identify mold in walls. The video discusses samples for mold collected in both the middle of a room and from the interstitial space in walls. For more information, visit the Indoor Air Quality Association (

3 thoughts on “Mold in Walls, Part 3

  1. My father thinks that the house that I live in has full of mold especially in the basement because the air ducts are blocked and it is cold downstairs. There was a pond many many years ago where my house is located because the area where I live in Ottawa was farmland which might cause mold issues. My father thinks that the house is contaminated, is that true what he is saying?

  2. Yeah I don't believe on the air test.
    I am pretty sure there is mold on the apartment I am renting but the air test came back negative.

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