Mold Removal

Mold Removal & Remediation Containment Magnets With Zipwall

Containment Magnets and zipwall used for mold removal on a remediation job. Zipwall and Neodymium magnets were used to secure the poly sheeting on a commercial mold remediation project.For Quick service in MA & NH, please CALL 1-978-392-1895 AAA Flood Dryng

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  1. I bought more Neodymium magnets from "K & J Magnetics, Inc.", They work really well. The part # is MMS-G-X4, and MMS-G-X8. These are 60 and 90 pound magnets, they are the right pound pull for what we are using them for on mold removal containment. Read the warnings and be careful they are powerful. Good luck, Clay

  2. The first purchase from ebay worked very well and I liked the strength of the magnets. The second batch was not as strong. I am buying more from a company called K&J Magnetics. hopefully these are as strong as I want. They range from 5-10 each depending on size/ strength. We have been using them more and more on our mold remediation projects to maintain containment. They are also very useful in focusing hot dry air on water damage restoration jobs. Good luck on your flood drying projects. Clay

  3. I buy them on ebay. Make sure that you get the hook magnets, otherwise you will not be able to get them off. They work very well for mold remediation as well as containment on water damage restoration jobs. They also help tighten up the poly on heat drying jobs when trying to dry carpet and walls. Clay

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