Mold-resistant Insulation with No Chemical Off-Gas

The best way to avoid health and safety issues when insulating your living space is to use materials that won’t poison you. Unlike spray foam, fiberglass or XPS board, InSoFast panels are made of inert, mold-resistant materials. Learn more at
InSoFast shipping container insulation kit are shipped factory direct.

Installing the InSoFast across the top of the side walls. If you are looking for maximum sq/ft on the interior of the container and want to keep the look of the shipping container on the exterior, this is the best product on the market for insulation. The R Value is the highest considering you are insulating a metal box.
Pros + Cons of insulating Shipping Container Buildings with InSoFast insulation panels of rigid foam.
InSoFast is a better way to achieve a net zero home by starting with a monolithic continuous insulation envelop.

Explore examples of shipping-container architecture on our Pinterest board to build a container home how much does it cost to build a container home build a container home cost build shipping container house.

So remember if you are looking for a shipping containers for sale to convert to a shipping container home or a shipping container shed, you should do your research. Buying a cheap shipping container is not always the best thing to do.

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