In a hurry? Fast forward to 4 mins to hear my symptoms. Have you experienced something similar? Comment below I’d love to hear.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Glad you're mostly better. I have noticed tiny bits of black mold in my bathroom in the sink and tub. I can't seem to clean it off my grout. I always have a stuffed up nose, chronic cough, occasional shortness of breath, zero energy, zero motivation and having weird anxiety issues where i feel shaky. Nausea as well. No idea if it's related. I own my place and I am feeling a bit stuck!

  2. Hey
    Thanks for sharing us your story . I cant concentrate and have low motivation and energy and i thought iy may be related to my age . Now 39.
    I did some lab tests and my doctor found nothing .
    I have mold at my apartemant and having pretty much all of your symptoms .
    Is it reversablle? . I understand its affect memory as well .

  3. I have terrible leaks in my home…..I already have wheezing with bronchitis……I use inhaler been also
    can't get my breathe…..I can't breathe very scary…….

  4. I have mold .. my stomach goes into a complete blockage with severe cramping and muscle pain.. my chest hurts my sides hurt and even test has been normal.. during hottest parts of summer my throat closes and it feels like someone's choking me.. its scary.. i have to save for a new place s I have no where else to live I feel like it's killing me.. skin itchy thick phlegm in throat hard to breath its so thick its not funny and infections in sinis but antibiotics arnt responding completely besides making feel a little better. I havnt gotten better im on 2 years now.. i feel like ima die because drs push people thru and they dont listen to me but now im going to make a statement soon about it all its been brought up but im in the same environment.. my lungs are at 80 percent in converting oxygen.. im so tired and week all the time and disoriented. Idk im saving i want a nice rv but the one im in now I have it in my ac and I fear everywhere and its such a small place I feel the levels are very very high. Also headaches.. i wish I knew what medication to ask for because I know I have mold it is green and black.. my throat hurts now im on ashema med and my throats not closed but in pain at the moment. Idk what to do anymore… im stuck in my situation.. i almost have 5000 saved im trying to get a new nice rv.. im hanging in the best i can idk how much longer im going to last i thought i had covid because it started in summer of 2019 and we are in 2020.. i am trying to get a place before June because that's when my synthoms peak.. i have all your synthoms as well bit i believe im allergic because my throat closes where I can barely breathe. I cant even make it to church anymore ive been so sick for the past year and whatever months which I dont care to count .. i feel like I been fighting for my life as I already am disabled for heart problems.. ive never experienced this much pain ever in life my whole body my stomach just everything different pain like deep like my kidneys and organs my heart hurts sometimes too.. severe muscle pain joint pain and long lasting as it take awhile to not feel sore.. i still hurt just its maintainable . Im thankful because I know i feel worse than I do right now at curtain times of the year mainly heat hits me hard and my throat closes.. i feel my lungs are invaded and the heat makes it thrive inside and cause my synthoms to get way worse than now as I type this.. i wish I had help. Dr asked if I have anywhere I can go but I dont have much family at all and im disabled on a check already.. im glad your doing better its a nightmare and a battle every day in life now for me and im scared and lost and nobody understands how if feel im told anziety attacks and just panic attacks and acid reflux and i know its not any of them as i had already experienced them things years ago and I take good care of myself i do everything I can.. just trying to save and get myself into a bigger place and newer i want to save and pay one time for a nice place ther right size of what i need.. i pray i make it throu this i finally got here today and im sure its the cause now…

  5. Thanks for sharing! I too suffered so much that my heart almost stopped. So much stuff happened to me and my child I’m now fighting back. Had to literally run from my home it was growing on my skin! It’s in my brain

  6. This was so good! Listening to you it was like listening to me telling my husband how I feel! Thank you so much for sharing! Amazing insight on everything! God bless you!

  7. Thanks for this…very helpful. No insomnia? My primary symptom is restless legs and waking up every hour or two, and of course brain fog and depression. But this only shows up as mold symptoms every so often. My blood has a ton of Ochytoxin, but my house test came back negative. I am totally confused.

  8. I got a colonic after much resistance and it was miserable! I felt sooo bad a couple days after. Come to find out people with environmental illness get these symptoms. I feel like I might not make it through this sometimes.

  9. What would you do if you've been living in a house with 4× the healthy amount of mold (including toxic black molds) you are so tired & your memory is shot…your a single mom just doing simple things is hard….I definitely do not have the funds to do all of this..& im trying to figure out how to get out. I had the house dry fogged, I spray a essential oil that kills mold for now & its helping a little. I just don't know what to do. I have pets too, 2 are quite sensitive to mold, like me. I feel so defeated.

  10. Our stories are so much alike wow …if you get a chance watch my mold story #1 ..I am healed .. I agree people need to know how mold kills us… Love you Story and subscribing 🙂

  11. Did you have any tachycardia or heart palpitations? I am chronically sick but no doctors can figure it out. Also started with gastrointestinal issues and all your other symptoms.

  12. I have all of those symptoms! They started in summer 2018 but stopped once I was working night and day but came back 3 months ago since I’ve been quarantined to my house 😩 It sucks so badddddd!!! I’m moving in a month…

  13. 300 views? This topic needs to be taken way more seriously. Wow this is a struggle to even type. Its hard enough to find anyone that believes you, and most medical tests come back normal because it is an autoimune genetic condition. This took 5 min to type, my brain is severely affected.

  14. How long did it take you to get relief from eye issues? I'm out of my house, living with a friend for now and my worst symptoms are terrible swollen eyelids with watery eyes. It's the worst

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