Mould Doctor split system airconditioner specialty clean and sanitise.

Barry Stewart is the Mould Doctor. He tells us about his specialty clean and sanitise of split system airconditioner systems.

Why have your Air Conditioner specialty cleaned?

Save money – 10% energy saving minimum (see below) A.
Reduce the risk of exposure to mould, bacteria in your home or office
More breathable air
Create air flow (up to 30%) means better heating and cooling
Run more efficiently
Up to 12 months protection
Longer life span of your system
Money back in 3 to 6 months , return on investment

4 thoughts on “Mould Doctor split system airconditioner specialty clean and sanitise.

  1. its absolute rubbish that influenza can survive in the ac. All tests conducted have proven this is not the case and they have been conducted by the CDC and Universities. Your a hack and full of rubbish. Ps explain the sanitize the unit as well…cause at this moment in time there are no products approved for sanitizing. Ps I noticed you did not remove parts that can be removed as well from that model.

  2. you convince people to pay you every year for your services and not tell them that they could do it them self without any problem. you might as well offer professional floor mopping services.

  3. Hi Barry this is great. Are you based in the UK though as I am desperate to hire your company for 5 of our Daikin units. Thank you.

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