Myers Rentals Mold

Black mold, white mold, green mold, gold mold, call it what you will, but this video shows in detail that mold in the bedroom of our unit rented through Meyers rentals. We took the pictures just prior to moving out, you can see the mold grew in patches behind our headboard, and any pieces of furniture that were against the walls. We believe that the mold was caused by a serious leak in the roof that caused major water damage to the room as well as our belongings. Even the carpeting along the edges of the walls began to mold, which as you can see in the video posted prior to this, was pulled up by the next tenants.

2 thoughts on “Myers Rentals Mold

  1. So you are stating here that you were not informed repeatedly about the leaking roof? Every time we saw you? How about when the power went out in the hall and the bathroom b/c of the water damage? When you came to fix the floor that rotted through you said you would fix the power at least in the bathroom, but never did. You told us that we couldn't fix the roof b/c of 'liability', but you didn't fix it either. I believe you came out one time to patch it… to no avail. None of this occurred?

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