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This video talks about the health effects of mold exposure and our company. If you need mold testing, remediation, removal or a free inspection in New jersey, just call Randy at: 908-601-1307

We are licensed, insured, EAA, ESA, IAQ, IAQA, GHH & NAETI certified. The health effects of mold are commonly misdiagnosed and we do not employee any doctors. Our main missions is to spread awareness about household mold in NJ. So often, people are misdiagnosed with allergies or asthma when they are really suffering from reactions to household mold toxins.

Certain mold toxins suppress your immune system which makes you immune-compromised. And these types of people are much more susceptible to develop other illnesses.

Other mold toxins we find in New Jersey homes are highly carcinogenic. And carcinogenic compounds can cause to cancer. At the same time, this does not mean mold can lead to cancer. There are millions of different strains of mold. Every day new types are being discovered and studied. So more research must be done to determine the real short and long term effects of the most common strains.

What we know so far however is pretty scary. We’ve found strains of the T2 mycotoxin growing in NJ homes. This is a mold generated toxin that was used during the Vietnam war to kill over 10,000 people. So we know that certain mold toxins can be lethal.

The true question is what types are growing in your home, and how much are you breathing in everyday.

That’s all it really comes down to. All of our inspections are 100% free but any testing must be sent to the lab for a fee. All samples are marked with unique serial numbers and sealed for your security. If you use another company in NJ for mold testing, make sure you record the serial number! After the tests are done, you should always check to make sure the serial numbers match.

If you have any other questions about mold testing, assessments, remediation, removal or how to schedule a free inspection, just call: 908-601-1307

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