🍋Citrus Tree care GONE WRONG! Pests, Malnourishment, Black Mold – EEK!

Citrus tree care gone wrong – I have definitely learned my lesson. I should have attended the pests much sooner and kept up with my fertilizing schedule. I truly wanted to see the ‘worst that can happen’ but I probably over did it. My citrus tree is suffering. I’m going to nourish it back to life and give you an update in the summer – so stay tuned!

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Cleaning mold from Sunbrella boat canvas Boating Vlog Episode 2

Please leave a message below letting us know what you would like to see in future videos.

This video shows me cleaning the Sunbrella canvas using a product from Starbrite called mildew stain remover.

This video is the second video in a series of videos about our family boating adventures. Although I do not intend to make these videos focused on boat cleaning and maintenance, the next half dozen or so videos will be about me bringing this boat back to life from long term storage.

About us:
We are a 50+ year old couple living near Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. We intend to trailer boat. Our destinations will include the bay of Green Bay on Lake Michigan, and instate bodies of water including Lake Winnebago and the Winnebago Pool Chain of Lakes consisting of Lake Butte Des Morts, Winneconne, Poygon, Partridge, the Fox and Wolf river, the Waupaca King chain of lakes, Lake Du Bay on the Wisconsin River, the Eagle River chain of lakes and more.

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GoPro Hero 2018 action camera
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iMovie Mobile on iPad

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September 2018

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Mold Behind Your Shower Walls

Do you know what’s lurking behind your shower’s walls? Over time, moisture seeps in behind the tile, drywall, and into the insulation creating a ripe environment for mold. That’s why we don’t just fix bathrooms, we make sure the problems don’t come back.

Casting DIY Skateboard Wheels Using a 3D-Printed Mold

In this video we’re bringing together the 3D-printed cores and molds in order to cast a set of real urethane skate wheels at home. I’m super excited with how this one came out, I hope you like it!

Urethane used in this video:

Urethane Dyes:

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How Do I Have Two Cats AND 400+ Houseplants??? | Cats & Plants 101

Today is all about the kitties! I get asked all the time about how on earth I keep two cats in my home with hundreds of houseplants. Thanks for watching!


Pet friendly plants mentioned:
Calathea orbifolia
Calathea makoyana
Stromanthe sanguinea “Triostar”
Ctenanthe setosa
Aspleniums (Birds Nest Ferns)

ASPCA list of non-toxic plants:

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Certified Mold Testing Near Me

Do you suspect mold and would like to know for sure? Or maybe your insurance provider requires confirmation from an independent testing company before it covers the costs of removal. In both cases, you should probably be searching for certified mold testing near me.

O2 Mold Testing is here to help. With our accurate sampling and certified laboratory results, we don’t leave any room for guess work. We will provide you with all the needed information so that you can arrange to have the mold taken care of for good.

If you would like a consultation or to find out more about our certified mold testing, you can call us at 888-202-1680 or visit us online: https://www.o2moldtesting.com/