Make your house smell amazing with this DIY carpet freshener

Neutralize house smells with this DIY Carpet deodorizer using baking soda and essential oils. Create a simple non toxic carpet refresher using essential oils. House smells; pets; how to remove smells; carpet powder; homemade carpet deodorizer; how to make carpet refresher; upholstery deodorizer; baking soda; carpet deodorizer; DIY cleaning products; Thrifty cleaning products; saving money; Essential Oils; Young Living; Premium Starter Kit; Carpet freshener; byoilydesign; Cleaning with Essential

Mini Essentials Pin Kit

Have it all with the MINI Essentials Pin Kit. 4 ¾” x 3 ½’ lightweight, opaque, black case. Fully stocked with over 120 bobby pins, hair pins and clips. High quality hairnets and plastic bands round out the kit that is sectioned side by side for blonde and brunette hair. It’s the perfect grab-no-go pin kit for pro stylists and clients.