Electrical Repair and Wiring

Wiring problems and mistakes are all too common, and if left uncorrected have the potential to cause short circuits, shocks and even fires.
Roughing in electrical wire doesn't have to be a painful chore.
Troubleshooting: How to Fix a Light
DIY Outdoor Lighting Tips for Beginners
Bad TV Reception? Here's One Fix
Remote Control Devices for Electrical Outlets and Appliances
How to Use Cheap Electrical Testers
How to Make Safe Wire Connections
10 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a Mesh Router
Use a Christmas Light Tester to Check Holiday Lights
How to Fix Earbuds
How to Rewire a Lamp
Extension Cord Repair
Wiring a Plug: Replacing a Plug and Rewiring Electronics
How to Repair a Cut Extension Cord
Control Garage Electrical Devices Remotely
LED Lights for Your Workshop
How to Reduce Static Electricity in the House
Replacing Electrical Outlet
In-Wall Surge Protectors and Surge Suppression Receptacles

The Basement

Considering basement remodeling? Check out these 15 things before you pull the trigger on it.
Use these tips to get a finished basement.
We'll teach you how to install basement windows!
These products will keep your basement waterproof.
Here's our guide to basement waterproofing.
Turn your basement into the epic living space you've always dreamed of.
How to Finish a Basement Wall
Do Waterproof Coatings Really Work?
Reader Project: Man Cave Arcade
9 Affordable Ways to Dry Up Your Wet Basement For Good!
Wet Basement Repair: Curing a Wet Basement
Home Repair: How to Flatten Basement Air Ducts to Gain Space
Reader Project: Basement Playroom
Man Cave Ideas
How to Carpet a Basement Floor
How to Cure a Wet Basement
Here’s Why You Should Worry About Your Basement Leaking This Winter
23 Tips for Drying Up and Finishing Your Basement
Damp Basement: Finding Leaks and Water Sources
11 Ideas for Organizing Your Basement
Permanent Fixes for Damp Basements

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning installation should not go this way.
Your window unit won't work fully if you don't do this!
Covering your AC condenser unit is a great idea for winter.
What are the benefits of mini split ac?
Clean Your AC Condenser Unit
20 Things to Do When You Move Into Your New Home
We'll teach you the basics of repairing a variety of air conditioning units.
A simple cleaning is all it takes to keep your window air conditioner humming like a champ.
Portable air conditioners and central air aren't the only way to cool down a hot house. Check out these alternative solutions for making your house more comfortable.
21 Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips
Why Air Conditioners Smell Bad
Here’s Where You Shouldn’t Install Your AC
Towel Bar Shop Storage Solution
Here's How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Home
How to Get Rid of Salt Residue on Shoes
How to Double The Life of Your Air Conditioner
Choosing a Whole House Fan
Here's Why Your Window AC Unit is Better Than a Portable One
Heat Reducing Window Film
The Best Lawn Care Organization Tip
10 Overwater Bungalows That Are Truly Like Living on Paradise
Reader Project: Simple DIY Miter Saw Stand


11 Camping Safety Tips
From The Family Handyman
From the Family Handyman
From The Family Handyman
Be fully equipped with these 10 fantastic gadgets for the outdoors!


This teflon tape is used by plumbers all the time.
Drain cleaning made easy!
More than any other type of home improvement job, plumbing can drive a DIYer crazy, especially if you don't have the right plumbing tools.
How to Fix a Water Heater Pilot Light
Choosing a New Water Heater
Water Heater Repair: How to Replace the TPR Valve
Water Heater Venting Fixes
Fix Water Heater Leaking
Water Heater Maintenance: Extend Water Heater Life
Avoid a Plumbing Catastrophe During the Holidays By Doing These Things
How to Flush a Water Heater
We'll teach you how to unclog a sinkn with a plunger and a plumbing snake.
These are the hot new plumbing fixtures of 2018.
14 Toilet Problems You'll Regret Ignoring
Cut PVC with String
12 Things Your Plumber Wants You To Know
Quick Fix For Running Toilets
If your hot water heater isn't doing it's job you might need a new thermocouple.
Don't buy that cheap faucet. Go a bit higher in price and get a faucet packed with features that'll make it harder working and last a lifetime.
Fixing a torn splash guard on your garbage disposal is a quick and simple fix.
After you've gathered your materials from the plumbing supply, we'll help you avoid those frustrating snags that aren't covered in the directions.
Installing a water heater doesn't have to be a pain—in fact we'll show you how to install it in less than a day.

Roof Projects

What's new in residential roofing materials?
We'll teach you how to build a gabled roof dormer!
We'll show you how to install roof shingles like a pro.
Roof repair is essential—we'll show you how to do it right.
The Right Way to Clean Your Gutters
Your roof covers the largest asset you own, so it pays to know the signs of trouble.
How to Get Your Gutters Ready for Fall and Winter
The Easiest Way to Pick Up Dropped Screws
Should I Replace My Roof? Here Are 21 Things to Consider
25 Hints for Fixing Roof and Gutter Issues
How to Clean Roof Stains
DIY Dictionary: Style D Roof Edge
Long-Lasting Metal Roof Panels
How to Roof a House
Metal Roofing Installation: How to Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles
How to Prevent Black Streaks on a Roof
Which type will work best for your house?

Drywall Repair and Tips

These tips for drywall repair will get your walls looking pristine in no time.
Tips for Better Drywall Taping
Wet Sanding Drywall
How to Fix Popped Drywall Nails and Screws
Simple Hack to Locate Studs in Plaster Walls
Small Gaps in Drywall are Actually No Big Deal
How to Tape Drywall with a Banjo
Drywall Butt Joints Made Easy
One-Off Dust Catcher
Remove a Drywall Screw That Has Missed the Stud
How to Tape Drywall Joints
7 Drywall Installation Mistakes You've Probably Made Before
Wall & Ceiling Repair Simplified: 11 Clever Tricks
How to drywall: A finishing shortcut
Why Remove Popcorn Ceiling When You Can Cover It With Drywall
How to Fix an Oversize Electrical Box Cutout
How to Skim Coat Walls
How to Repair a Drywall Crack


DIY Cat Repellent
14 Adorable DIY Dog Beds
12 Incredible Dog Houses For Your Best Friend
These tips for pet owners offer practical solutions for everything from cleaning up fur to keeping pets off the furniture.
Here's how to create the best spaces for your kitties without breaking the bank on expensive store-bought cat furniture.
It doesn't matter what the breed, there's no amount of fur that can keep all dogs safe from winter's tough elements. If you have a dog, here are 12 ways to keep your dog warm this winter.
Here's how to create the best spaces for your kitties without breaking the bank on expensive store-bought cat furniture.
From The Family Handyman
From The Family Handyman

Top Money- Saving Ideas

No two kitchens are built alike, and many aren't large enough to accommodate a full pantry. Sometimes you're lucky if you can spare a cabinet or two for food storage. When building a pantry or adding additional cabinets aren't in the budget, get creative with some of these inexpensive no-pantry solutions for storing food and ingredients.
Slash your electric bill up to 40 percent!
Our pros share their favorite simple fixes for repairing common plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling and appliance problems.
These are very clever ways to save money while welcoming the little tyke into the world.
Cut Fiberglass Batts to Exact Widths - It’s easy to insulate your walls with…
Seal Narrow Gaps with Foam - Seal around window and door jambs with expanding…
Change Jobs or Retire? - If you drive 20 miles to work every day, you're paying…
Pay Promptly - Some insurance companies offer incentives for paying an invoice…
Install Storm Shutters - If you live in a hurricane-prone area…
the top 10 tips for saving money at home - our best projects, hints and tips for budget-conscious homeowners.
Should You Get a Wi-Fi Thermostat? 6 reasons to consider it, pros and cons, and the best wi-fi thermostats on the market. www.familyhandyma...
Use Less A/C and Cut Your Electric Bill: It doesn't take much time or money to slash your cooling costs. Just follow these tips for energy savings, such as how to install a programmable thermostat.
Should You Get a Wi-Fi Thermostat? 6 reasons to consider it, pros and cons, and the best wi-fi thermostats on the market. www.familyhandyma...
Use Less A/C and Cut Your Electric Bill: It doesn't take much time or money to slash your cooling costs. Just follow these tips for energy savings, such as how to install a programmable thermostat.
How to Save Energy and Cut Cooling Costs Keep cool and save money on air conditioning too. Here are the ten best ways to cut costs and improve your AC system.
Save Money by Insulating Crawl Space Ducts Leaky, uninsulated ducts in crawlspaces and attics waste huge amounts of energy and money. Use duct wrap insulation for a quick fix with a big, immediate payoff.
How to Seal Attic Air Leaks Small air leaks into uninsulated attic space are a major source of heat loss in many homes. Here's how to locate the leak spots and plug them without spending a lot of money
Air Leak Testing & Sealing Follow these surprisingly easy tips and techniques for sealing air leaks in your home and save big money on your heating and cooling bills.
Save Energy by Closing Heat Registers It seems like a waste to heat unused rooms, but closing heat registers may actually increase heating costs, especially with newer systems.
Slash Heating Bills: Easy ways to save energy and money! www.familyhandyma...
Use Less A/C and Cut Your Electric Bill: It doesn't take much time or money to slash your cooling costs. Just follow these tips for energy savings. www.familyhandyma...
Install Storm Shutters - How to Save Money on Insurance Slash your premiums! These tips will help you save money on home and car insurance bills, either from things you're already doing or quick home fixes you can make today. Read more: www.familyhandyma...
3 Ways for Woodworkers to Save Money - Cleaning a dull blade: community.familyh...
Save Money With a Home Energy Audit Find out where you're losing energy—and what you can do to stop it Read more: www.familyhandyma...

The Garage

Garage Storage Projects: Storage Towers With Drawers
How to Organize: Garage Storage Projects
Garage Cabinet Storage
DIY Garage Cabinet
Garage Storage Ideas: Find Unused Space
Garage Storage Projects: Plywood Rack
Giant DIY Garage Cabinet
This is what you need to know about garage door insulation.
10 Ways to Get Your Garage Ready for Winter
These is a great substitue for a garage door opener remote. Use your phone!
Garage Makeover: How to Achieve the Garage Floor of Your Dreams
Garage Makeover: How to Create the Garage of Your Dreams
These are all great ideas for your garage flooring.
Garage organization isn't always fun but these 11 ideas will make it easier.
Use epoxy flooring to make your garage floor look amazing.
27 Life-Changing Garage Organization Ideas
Get ready to organize your garage with this clever ideas.
Build a custom overhead garage door—in just one weekend!
Garage door repair doesn't have to bring on headaches. We walk you through the troubleshooting process.
Here's how to get your garage door working again in no time.
10 Things You Should Never Store in Your Garage
Retrofit Your Garage Door Openers to Work With Wi-Fi
8 Best Reader Garage Projects and Storage Tips
11 Easy Garage Space-Saving Ideas
10 Things You Should Never Store in Your Garage