Podcast 291: Overdriven Nails, Indoor-Air Quality, and What is This Attic Insulation?

Kiley, Rob, and Patrick hear from listeners about homemade blower doors and a supposed urban exodus before taking listener questions about overdriven fasteners in Zip System sheathing, unknown attic insulation, and indoor-air quality.

Ryan tells the story of a homemade blower door. John offers his candidates for secret-weapon tools. Carroll talks about his experience living in a log home. Dr. Eric writes in saying the recent urban exodus caused by COVID-19 is a myth, but eye injuries from bungees are real. Eric wonders if overdriven fasteners in Zip System sheathing are a problem. Derek wants to know the best way to insulate his California attic, and David the architect asks if indoor-air quality is more important than airtightness. Jon suggests using PVC pipe for ventilation duct.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 291: Overdriven Nails, Indoor-Air Quality, and What is This Attic Insulation?

  1. most prefinished hardwood floors have “micro beveled” corners, with expansion and contraction you should consider a counter length crumb tray for under them.

  2. I have seen a kitchen counter made with hardwood flooring, nailed to a plywood substrate. You can get really nice wood for an attractive price that way, and it can look great. But it doesn't work well for long. The wood expands and contracts with humidity changes, and small cracks open between the boards. That is fine for a floor but not for a kitchen counter that gets wet regularly. You might be able to use tabletop construction methods borrowed from your friends (?) at Fine Woodworking, but just nailing down to plywood doesn't work well for that.

  3. That insulation looks real similar to Bagasse made from sugar cane fibers. It was somewhat popular around WW2 dow here in louisiana. It also came as a interior wall covering product, similar to a thick paneling.

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