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Protect Yourself! Do you know when to use each style of Respirator? Plus More Safety Equipment!

In this video Scott goes over the Basics of Safety equipment and when to use them, including respirators, fresh air systems, safety glasses, shields and more!

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  1. I am a fuel hauler/ truck driver
    I deliver 87 gasoline
    93 gasoline
    And diesel
    What mask would be economically best for me i interact with these fumes on a daily basis and am exposed in total probably 5 hours a day
    5 days a week

  2. Activated charcoal is the reason for the bags you know it all dipshit. What a sorry ass video. Don't listen to these guys. This company sells 2k products and no mention of 2k safety. How many guys are ruining their lungs because of your company. A disgrace.

  3. ive been ply cutting carbon fiber and wearing a respirator with p95 filters. im fully shaven and did a fit test and fibers are making it into the mask and i can feel it in my throat. causing a burning sensation in the throat similar to fiber glass. are p95 not enough for carbon fiber?

  4. Back in the days when people knew what they were actually for . I'm trying to spray paint and I'm having a hard time finding 1. And you can't trust reviews because people are talking about covid protection….frickin morons

  5. I just started a job in construction mixing cement and all that that comes with construction. I know I'm breathing in cement dust and all that other stuff. They didnt offer me mask or glasses or even recommended anything. Of course I'm also working under the table cuz im undocumented. U mean from ur guys perspective can I demand protection without getting fired. Also I ask the second boss for a mask and he said b a man jokingly. I really need job. What to do? I asked a few lawyers but never got bac to me.

  6. I have been doing hours of research. Let me link you my findings. Also, I would recommend the 7500 series reusable 3M masks with the exhaust that shoots down as to not fog prescription or safety glasses (7501 = small size, 7502 = medium , and 7503 large). I would always recommend using 3M brand. Do not use the knock-offs.

    3M Small mask =
    3M Medium mask =
    3M Large mask =

    3M Cartridges =

    3M Attachment to allow P100 add-on =

    3M P100 add-on filter 12 pairs =
    1 pair =

    3M 5P71PB1 6000 Series Particulate Filter P95 for cartridge, 10-pack =

    Also, there are various other cartridges depending on what you need it for dictated by a standardized color system in the USA.

  7. The tiny rubber filter inside the respirator does that have to be inside or outside the center? When I had that inside instead of outside when I breath out I felt like I couldnโ€™t like it shortened my breath.


    Do I replace the rubber tiny filters that are also underneath the p100 filters?


    Is this good for resistance against covid 19?

  8. These masks are not good for spray painting!!! Spray paints contains acetone, and a specialist at 3M told me only supplied air respirator such as 3M Versaflo V-500 with a 3M S-757 headtop(with everything it costs ยฃ1400๐Ÿ˜ฉ) filters acetone, and if I use these type of face respirators I will inhale acetone and risk my health. I already have chronic health problems because of it, so be careful guys!

  9. I have a question will the mask still work properly if you remove the inhalation valves because I lost mine after removing them ๐Ÿ˜”

  10. Hold on, Biden says masks do not protect the wearer, its to protect people around the mask user. sooooo how do we protect ourselves (if Biden is not suffering from Alzheimer's) Has any one else heard this lately.? will these masks just stop me from spreading my germs to saw dust and not stop saw dust getting inhaled?

  11. I'm planning on Spraying some Primer on a car, I bought a mask and it has The Plastic cartridges but The cartridge is pink, Does that make a difference?

  12. There is so much information on respirators and all you have to do is read the manual.. Okay there is no cartridge known that actually can block ISOCYANATES / VOCs from paint… especially Aerosol! Yes there is isocyanate free paint but automotive especially is LOADED. All of the car shows on TV or youtube or hot rod gangs that show people painting with these in a paint booth are very misleading. They're not even safe for stain and polyurethane… you will still get ISOs in your body and mess with respiratory. Believe it. The only way a paint booth should be painted in is with a POSITIVE air system or powered respirator. I speak from several bad experiences even with a respirator… I've been poisoned by ISO exposure just from house paint and I didn't sleep for 10 days and was tripping balls. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I had to figure it out once my memory was back. I've also made the mistake of over using my first organic cartridge and clogging it. yes the vapor cartridge will help a little but no matter what I'm doing now I use a fan… I don't trust the seal nor the material to keep me safe. All of these masks are a bright idea though… but if you are an auto painter… get powered air honestly.

  13. What is a good mask for dealing with carbon fiber? I normally wear a duel filter half faced mask when Iโ€™m working with it. Should I go with a full face mask?

  14. isn't it just SOOO cool that Gerson just blatantly rips off 3m's mask designs even though they were sued over patent infringement in 2005?

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