Mold Removal

Purple Power cleaner Removes Mold and Mildew

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In this episode we had a bunch of Mold and Mildew on the roof of our Skoolie. And before we paint it white we cleaned it with Purple Power Cleaner degreaser. I have used Purple Power on many cleaning projects, and Nothing Cuts like this stuff. It is better than Simple Green hands down. The best part is that its water based, and not a solvent. We are thinking of painting the roof of the Skoolie wit an elastameric roof coating such as Kool Seal. Let me know your thoughts!
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  1. Hey Tracy, Have you heard of Solar Reflective paints? I have seen videos on YT where people used it on roofs of tiny house projects. Likely more expensive but works better than just plain white paint.

  2. We use Kool Seal on the campers, trailers and RVs that we have had over the past 40 years and we were always pleased with it.

  3. Thanks guys, need to check it out. Wondering if its the same stuff they sell at Walmart? Love Henry's new little doo..his mowhawk is as cute as he is…he is a joy to see on your videos.

  4. I can't help you much on this one Tracy. I have never used it due to my aversion to using any chemicals that might harm Mother Earth.
    However, after seeing the job it did on the "Farm Bus" I did some research on the Purple Power cleaner, and learned that it is Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable. At least that is what my reading on it says.
    Therefore, I am thinking of giving it a try. That being said, I am also not fond of doing business with Amazon due to many of their policies, and other recent revelations about mistreatment of their employees and other nefarious practices. However, I do know that I can get it from Tractor Supply for about $15.00 per jug.
    I also don't know the answer to your question about which paint or coating would work best. Sorry, wish I could be more helpful, but thanks for sharing. It's always good to hear from you folks. Tell Henry I said "Howdy", and that he has a really cool haircut.

  5. We had an RV that we used EternaBond roof sealant tape on the seams and then painted it with an elastameric roof coating.

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