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Relieving hydrostatic pressure in construction of basements

Relieving hydrostatic pressure in construction of basements – – searching for ways to be relieving hydrostatic pressure in basement construction

7 Reasons Basement Sump Pump Install Should not be used to #relieveHydrostaticPressure
1. Allow another point for water entry.
2. Dampness in your basement allows mould to grow.
3. Cutting holes or drainage channels around basements may expose reinforcement.
4. Chemical erosion of unprotected concrete as water flow brings fresh chemicals to exposed concrete.
5. Corrosion of reinforcement creating concrete spalling.
6. Physical damage caused by freshwater flowing (erosion) through any crack or porous area in the slab.
7. Failure of the drainage system inside or out.

NO you say … Take NOTE – The Grand Canyon was not formed in a day?

So is Relieving hydrostatic pressure in construction of basements something that is easily done?
The answer is NO. The building design should be such that the building can withstand the hydrostatic pressure on any below-grade construction.

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    The reality of building in the water table is the no matter how much you pump there will always be water present so make sure your building design allows for the proper protection of your building structure.
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