Remove Musty Smell from Paper

PLEASE NOTE: I did not leave pages out for two days.I did the vodka treatment twice!

12 thoughts on “Remove Musty Smell from Paper

  1. How funny! I never expected to hear that vodka could be the cure. I'm gonna try it. I have plenty of stinky old books and music paper. Will have to check out the cheapest vodka they sell. Ha. Great tip!

  2. What a great rescue fix, thank you very much for sharing this surprising tip : ) do you think it might work using 90% rubbing alcohol, just a thought that I had. One of the DIY shops locally sells this but with added fragrance, like lavender. It may not work at all but as I have some already, I may try doing a control, one lot with vodka the other with the rubbing alcohol 🙂

  3. First of all lucky you finding the book but you must have been so discouraged when it smelled. Definitely use the cheap stuff like you say, but who would have thought to use vodka. Thanks for that tip. Spray and

  4. What a great tip Jeannine, I am going to have to try this, so many awesome books that I had not been using. Tfs 😀

  5. That is amazing, Jeannine! Thanks for the tip, now I just have to convince my husband that my journals are more important than his Caesars. lol Debbie 🙂

  6. thank you for that tip.I need to try this.I just bought three old musty smelling books today (they are 1930,1944,and 1956)all for 25cents.i will try it.

  7. Wow great tip to know, can't wait for summer I have a few things I'd like to try this on that I had planned to throw away. Thanks, oh love your back yard looks so lush and big. TFS – Kirstie

  8. oh my gosh!! i have a book i have been trying to get the musty smell out! vodka and clothes line i have!! can you share if you diluted it any? or just straight up into a bottle and a couple of spritz?


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