Rockwool Insulation (3 Reasons It's Awesome!)

Rockwool insulation is our favorite for bathroom remodeling.
This video shares 3 reasons to use it.

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Reason #1: Rockwool has soundproofing qualities.

I get up early and don’t want to wake up my family.
So we installed Rockwool inside all the interior walls within our master bathroom.

Reason #2: Water Resistant

Rockwool doesn’t lose R-Value when exposed to water or vapor. There’s always a certain amount of water vapor that gets in bathroom walls. Traditional insulations will lose their R-Value over time, but this isn’t the case with Rockwool.

Reason #3: Fire Resistance up to 2150 Fahrenheit

Rockwool is made from basalt and slag. This makes it fire resistant as you’ll see in the video.

This is good because Rockwool will hopefully prevent a fire from quickly spreading inside a home. Thus, giving you and your family time to escape.

Watch our video to see demonstrations of all 3 reasons

21 thoughts on “Rockwool Insulation (3 Reasons It's Awesome!)

  1. Can Rockwool batts be placed on finished walls, uncovered, where people will be exposed to it? Forget the aesthetics part of it, I’m asking from a safety perspective if you’re soundproofing a garage or basement for example, but don’t want to rip the walls apart.

  2. I used rockwool to Finnish my bathroom remodel. I found out about this stuff after I was working for a commercial mechanical construction company.

  3. Does anyone know… can you Rockwool an existing wall that’s already up? Can you cut sheet rock towards the bottom and stuff the Rockwool upwards?

  4. is this the safe and sound like in the other video? or is this their thermal insulation or their sound insulation?

  5. I like it for its self supporting, can stand it on edge and it stays. You can cut it to shapes and it does not deform. It can be compressed and not lose much R value.

  6. Does rock wool allow your house to breathe? Was thinking of adding it into the exterior walls of the house.

  7. The only thing about the Rockwool its not air tight,the pink insulation is more air proof. But other then that👍

  8. New studies have conclude it's just as dangerous as asbestos. The breathable particles jam macrophages in your lung (in charge of dissolving and eliminating particles) open, causing them to spill a powerful enzime that will damage your lungs in the same way stomach acid can hurt your throat and mouth if it gets up there by means of reflux. Make sure it's sealed in polipropilene before stuffing this dangerous material behind your walls and NEVER use it for acoustic panels or in the open.

  9. Does Rockwool need a vapor barrier in bathroom around shower surround ? I am tiling shower surround area if that’s makes a difference

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