Simple Solution for Mealybug/ White insects


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One of the most common problem every gardener faces is mealybug or aphids, especially in hibiscus plants. Here is a simple treatment to attack mealy bugs is super easy way..

20 thoughts on “Simple Solution for Mealybug/ White insects

  1. People: what makes u c her channel frequently..
    Meh: her body language and love towards the plants and also her polite manner of taking♡♡♡

  2. Hey.. I have been following your since last couple of months. And it's really useful. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am noticing some kind of small white clotting worms in the soil. They are very tiny for now. But is it harmful for the roots or the plants. And if yes then what should be done??

  3. Hi… I have planted tomato plant in my balcony which has just sprouted…. But I see a green worm on it very frequently…. I tried many solutions but no use… Can u suggest something??

  4. Thanks for this video..
    I tried this solution of my Jasmine plant..
    & The good results in 1 to 4 days..
    Thanks again 🙏..

  5. Thanks for the solution.. I sprayed the shampoo solution last night at around 7:30 pm and just now at 7:55 am sprayed water to wash off the shampoo . My potted hibiscus was infected by white and black bugs .. The solution worked on the bugs and ants . I didnot find any ants and the bugs were present on the plant but they were all lifeless , so removed it by hand .. thanks once again for this solution.. I was spraying clove oil on my plant from past 4 weeks but it wasn't getting rid of the bugs .. but the shampoo solution worked ..

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