Slime Mold l Ask the Lawn Care Expert

If you find small patches of a powdery substance on your lawn, it’s most likely Slime Mold! Learn more about this lawn disease and how it’s affecting turfs during the summer months.

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6 thoughts on “Slime Mold l Ask the Lawn Care Expert

  1. Thank you for this information. I thought some big trouble was happening, but now I know to just leave it alone. Thanks again!

  2. I have been having this in my yard for a few days now with all the rain we have been getting, It is spreading across my yard. I pour some vinegar on it and it killed my grass in that spot. Now, I learn all I have to do is sweep it off!! WOW!! Thank so much for the explanation. Great job!

  3. A+ grade on your explanation of DV slime mold, Spot on! One morning after appearing ill our dog disappeared. We found "vomit" near his food/water and were a bit concerned, What a coincedence that this amoeba just happened to grow that morning. lol The dog was fine of course and warm rainy days are pretty rare in Oregon so it has never reappeared. If you have kids I highly recommend a quick read-up on google and using it as a most interesting teaching moment. (Spray it with the garden hose and it turns into a puff of smoke) Another cool "trick" I just remembered…if you have any vacuum sealer containers fill one half way with marshmellows and vacuum seal them. They will expand like 4x their size and completely fill the inside. When you release the vacuum they magicaly shrink to about 1/4 their original size instantly. Trust me,your kids will be blown away! lol (You can still eat them though they kind of lose that puffy goodness.

  4. My little dog thinks slime mold is a delightful perfume, rolls in it, smears it from ear to hinney and then comes to my lap to share the abundance. Opinions around what constitutes an attractive aroma differ from species to species.

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