Mold Removal

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Water had been seeping into Jean’s basement for a while. Over the course of time, she noticed that the water problem was growing and with each leaking accident, the amount of water was increasing. Not only that, but the constant moisture was causing mold to thrive and the smell was affecting the rest of her house. That was when she decided to place a call to Omni Basement Systems to rectify the problem.

Eliminating moisture can put an end to many household problems, not just flooding and dampness. The elimination of moisture, both in liquid and vaporous form, removes a growth necessity for mold. Controlling moisture in your basement means controlling mold in your basement.

Omni Basement Systems offers homeowners a variety of means to remove the moisture from your sub-floor area. Perimeter drains, dehumidifiers, insulations and vapor barriers can all be employed and used together to keep your basement dry and healthy for years to come. Call or e-mail us today to set up an appointment for your FREE waterproofing estimate.

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