Sweeping Compounds – Cleaning Dust & Debris Off Concrete | DIY Home Improvement

Is your concrete flooring constantly covered in a layer of dust and masonry debris? Whether you just finished an installation on the floor and want to clean up or you want to prep the floor for a new finish, a Sweeping Compound may be just what you need!

Sweeping Compounds attract and hold dirt, dust, and debris for an easy clean by preventing dirt, dust, and debris from going airborne when swept. In this video, Bob demonstrates how sweeping compounds are used and what you need to know for using them to clean your floors.

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11 thoughts on “Sweeping Compounds – Cleaning Dust & Debris Off Concrete | DIY Home Improvement

  1. Will this work on recently poured outdoor concrete? We chose to go with color and the leftover powder is out of control. Our pool is a mess. I tried watering it but it never ends. I feel naive that I didn’t ask my contractor questions about cleanup.

  2. Hello.. Thank you for the video. Does this work for recently grinded concrete dust that has settled back on the floor? I have a thin layer of the dust that formed again after mopping. Cant seem to get it all up!

  3. I knew there had to be a product like this but I went to Menards today and they were like "Huh?". I need something to keep the dust down when I sweep the bsmt floor with decades of creepy stuff like lead paint dust. This should be good, thanks.

  4. CANT thank you enough for this was going nuts how to clean the basement floor . appriciate your time and share thank you .

  5. I showed this to a friend who didn’t know about this product. You explained it very well except you didn’t mention that if you have any left in the bag you gotta get the air out and close the bag up.

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