Carpet Cleaning After A Flood

Because of the abnormalities in our weather conditions, it is not so surprising to suddenly have severe drought or severe flooding in places which enjoyed predictable weather before. Flooding has caused millions of dollars worth of damage. But flooding is not necessarily caused by natural forces. Sometimes flooding is caused by a leaking pipe, leaking toilet, blocked sink or bathtub or other problems in the home. A lot of people go through the problem of having to do floor and carpet cleaning after flood comes into different areas of the home.

water damage carpet

If the flooding was caused by problems in your home, you have to find the cause and fix it right away otherwise the flooding will not stop. If it was caused by natural causes, the first thing you need to do is remove as much water as possible. If the water that flooded your carpet is clean, you can just remove the carpet after vacuuming off as much water as possible. Hang it out in a drying area to dry using heavy duty fans or in direct sunlight, making sure the back side is the one exposed to sunlight otherwise the carpet will fade. Otherwise you can just fold it on itself and turn on your fans to make them dry faster.


The carpet should not be left wet past two days because then it becomes a breeding ground for molds. If it is not possible to dry out the carpet within two days and see some molds growing, immediately remove the molds with a mold and mildew killer or a homemade cleaning solution. The place where your carpet is being dried should be well ventilated and free from moisture as molds thrive on moisture.

If the flood water is dirty and might contain contaminants that will be dangerous to your health, it is best to call in a professional to assess the damage and suggest some remediation measures. Some may advise professional carpet cleaning and carpet restoration. If the damage is really bad and the carpet becomes a health hazard, the professional might suggest just disposing of the carpet altogether and replacing it with a new one. The whole floor has to be thoroughly disinfected and sanitized though before a new carpet is installed.


Carpet cleaning after flood waters submerge your carpet should be handled immediately otherwise you may not only lose your carpet, you may possibly endanger your family and your health.

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