Mold Spores on Wood

Removing mold from wood is a problem that many seek to resolve but first you must understand how mold actually comes to form on wood.

Wood is like mold’s little playground. Wood fibers contain all the necessities that molds need to form and spread. The protein, sugar, and other biological materials provide the necessary food for mold. Add in other factors such as warm temperature, oxygen and moisture and you may find yourself searching for the best mold removal tips to remedy your problem.

Mold Spores on Wood

How to Remove Mold from Wood

Removing small amounts of mold is pretty simple and you likely have the necessary materials laying around the house. Bleach is commonly recommended for specifically handling mold issues in wood and as always you should handle it carefully. The water damaged wood should first be dried to remove moisture before any cleaning takes place. Once it’s dry, make sure to wear protective gloves and eye wear while scrubbing the wood with diluted bleach. Or if you prefer, use a commercial cleaner for mold problems and follow the same safety precautions. Bleach also helps with the discoloration you usually see when mold and wood

Mold Spores on Wood

One of the biggest obstacles with removing mold spores from wood is preventing the mold from going airborne while cleaning. This can be prevented my first spraying the mold down before wiping. Also, utilizing a hepa vacuum cleaner in the surrounding area will also help reduce the amount of spores released in the air. A HEPA vacuum has high quality filters that remove 99% of allergens, dust, ragweed and other particulates from the air.

If the job is too large, then go ahead and hire a restoration company to handle the problems. There are sure to be many local companies that provide the necessary services and equipment needed to address the mold problems in your home. Otherwise it is likely that you will be able to do it yourself with just the tips mentioned above. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to take immediate action when mold stars to form. Letting mold sit and continue to spread is harmful and toxic to yourself and others.

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