Tech CEOs testify at House hearing on Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon | 7/27 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

Tech CEOs Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on July 29 about the dominance of Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook.

The Washington Post’s Libby Casey will anchor coverage and be joined by reporters Elizabeth Dwoskin, Tony Romm and Cat Zakrzewski for analysis on how this event may affect consumers, the economy and legislation.

Of the four chief executives, Amazon’s Bezos is the only one to have never appeared before Congress. (Bezos owns The Washington Post.) Cook testified in front of the Senate in 2013, Pichai appeared in 2018, and Zuckerberg has made multiple appearances in recent years.

The hearing caps off a year-long investigation by the committee into anti-competitive practices by tech companies. Previous hearings by the committee have focused on the impact of big tech companies on their competitors, data privacy implications and the efforts of agencies tasked with antitrust enforcement. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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45 thoughts on “Tech CEOs testify at House hearing on Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon | 7/27 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

  1. In the meantime, while US is tearing its own big tech down, China is pumping money into Tencent, Huawei and Alibaba.

  2. Lol oh these tech CEOs were not prepared to get hard questions from Democrats who they overwhelmingly donate money to. Who wants to bet that the donations get severely reduced after this hearing to Democrats as this will leave a really bad taste in their mouths. Oh and thank god the guy from Wisconsin is retiring because he is way out place in hearings on technology companies.

  3. Corporations should be able to do whatever they want, it's a shame that democrats wish to change that fact, in the end, politics is nothing more then a group of idiots fighting another group of idiots. The only good political party is NO political party.

  4. I choke saying this but I think Bezos earned every dime he made by delivering to people being tortured in lock up by our govt. I can't breathe!

  5. It’s sad that people don’t trust their family to do the right thing
    It just shows how torn apart our families are compared to ever before

  6. The only people that benefit from the US tech boom are their shareholders and foreign workers. They evade taxes, replace American workers with cheap foreign labour, drive small companies out of business via unfair competitions, and thwart freedom of speech through censorship to push forward their leftist ideology. Big techs should not be trusted, and the US should levy special tax on them.

  7. These giant tech companies are not being held to account. They have become the playground of the far-left because they are run by the far left. At the very least we need to see huge fines or jail time for those responsible for all the censorship, political meddling and unfair market domination.

  8. No better way to regulate the market then by the consumer choices. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. A bunch of hypocrites stuffed with the big-corp-tech gadgets.

  9. Raskin acting like these companies aren't censoring conservatives by saying the top posts this week are all right winged.

    As if people don't throw things under the rug when company is coming over with this hearing.

  10. It is necessary tech company like Facebook to involve or support Political news in his apps… fake or not it doesn't matter?

  11. The Sherman Antitrust Act. Passed in 1890, the Sherman Antitrust Act was the first major legislation passed to address oppressive business practices associated with cartels and oppressive monopolies.

  12. The only question I have is where is Microsoft. They have the government by the ball with all there crap software and services

  13. mark new that this Ig was growing, it was used by several communities in my country as the main social network. in the whole country actually.

  14. Congress claims they have been investigating these companies for the last yr, by doing what? How many everyday users did they contact to gather proof of the real way they conduct business. Did they post a notification across all platforms for anyone having issues to report what they were? Or talk to the dozen lawyers with class action lawsuits against these companies and their reasons? User questions is what should of been asked because they are still not being answered. There should of been explicit set of directive rules to answer strictly with YES or NO only, there's many questions to get through and a 5 min time allowed. There's no time to waste. No answer is the same as refusing. This could take a couple days or a month, based on your answers. Congress takes control of the hearing not the billionaires.
    The past 4 yrs of hearings have been nothing short of tyrannical sabatoge by Dem control members. They refuse to do the job that position requires from career politicians. As a professional with respect, decency, house procedures and to set aside personal immature name calling, derogatory comments, accusations without merit, not allowing a response, deplorable behavior fueled with hate. The tension couldn't be cut with a knife, more like a chainsaw. Completely outrageous and uncalled for.
    Lawmakers never passed any law demanding citizens to wear masks. Ordering a member to comply with their demand by beating a gavel is equal to an out of control infant tantrum. Clearly they can no longer do their job and must be replaced. This can not be tolerated in a Republic govt.

  15. Shame on those tech CEOs!!! Cat caught their tongues most of the times when they tried to answer the questions 🤣

  16. Theses congressman are stupid! They don’t even know anything in computer science. Go to school, then ask question. Don’t interrogates and make these American business man admit guilt. So sad – American dream – don’t get to big

  17. Sir,I do not know much about,other companies;but,certainly the 'google' try to intervene into its customer's data and other details,without their discretion;similar considerable problem is with, 'apple',who,to download many of the applications,ask for 'bank account details' to get stored in 'cloud',while mentioning most pathetic bullshit statement as 'these personal account details can be shared';which is not secure;at least in several countries.

  18. Why are these congressman so rude to these smart businessmen. Congressman should just get together and develop their own platform. If you don’t like to use something, just don’t use it. Simple build your own

  19. I see a big problem with government intervening with all of this. At the end of the day the consumer/citizen should always control the market, if a product/service is bad, the company will not succeed. The reason why these businesses are so big is because they’ve offered some of the best services EVER. There’s no arguing with that.

  20. Congress ask to run a business and not overtake their competitors. Ok will do. Running for president or congress should not over take their competitors. Just work together! I get it now. Let’s just work together

  21. Zuckerberg is pretty sure there is NOT a cure for covid. How can a tech guy be this sure? Sounds like he is in on it

  22. It’s funny. I’m watching this hearing from a newspaper owned by Amazon, on a video platform owned by Google, on a phone made by Apple.

  23. no one cares.. this is called capitalism.. the final level is achieving monopoly and capitalizing on it till there is a new technological outbreak
    these companies should come up with an AI system that replaces politicians..


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