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The BEST Way to Stop Powdery Mildew

It’s that time of year again when powdery mildew starts to show up in the garden. In this episode I show you the best method to stop powdery mildew in it’s tracks! Using milk to prevent powdery mildew has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to prevent and eliminate powdery mildew from your garden. Watch as I show you how it works and how to mix up your own milk solution to apply to powdery mildew in your garden! Thanks for watching!

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  1. The best solution I've found is potassium bicarbonate spray. Had strains that were getting COVERED and destroyed every time, tried everything to control it but nothing other than potassium bicarbonate spray worked, and boy did it work. REMOVED all of the pm, weekly/biweekly sprays keeps it away

  2. I have used skim 1 part milk with 8 parts water. It worked pretty well as a preventative – I have never noticed it killing powdery mildew that was established. I have had some luck using neem oil to actually kill it and then switch to milk if I can get it killed. The other formula I have used to kill it is 1 tablespoon potassium bicarbonate mixed with 1 tsp soap and 1 tsp cooking oil per gallon of water and shake it well to mix it.

  3. Great vid – thanks. However, none of your methods worked for me. So now I am looking into anoth method that a German friend once recommended: nettle tea! Sorry; I don't remember exactly how to deploy the stuff; it was either by spraying, or watering the soil with it (or both). Perhaps someone else can clarify.

  4. Use Skim milk. 60% water and 40% milk. The way it works is 3 fold. First the bacteria in the milk attack the mildew. Second the milk proteins are changed by the Sunlight(only do on sunny days or set plants in sun.) Lastly, both the proteins, sugar and fats create a seal on plants similar to oil but let plant breathe. This entombs the spores.
    Best not to use whole or 2% milk because the fats go racid. Lastly, spray plants, come back next day and look for spot you missed and spray them. You must repeat every 6 to 7 days but rinse old milk off first.

  5. Hmm you say to apply in sunlight while others say to apply at night to avoid burning leaves. Lactic acid is an acid so…but it's milk so is it alkaline?

  6. Nah. Not worried about expense of milk on garden. Kinda concerned about making garden stink of soured milk!

  7. Brew City Gardener my post below was intended to be about powdery mildew, and honestly, I just tried out my harvest of some AK-47, and went off on a tangent into politics. if you have an aversion to it, I will delete the part where it departs from the PM issue. thanx for your help, as I have a plant which has been adversely affected by it, due to early Fall humidity. and as you all know, some plants have a rough time from the beginning, which was the case here. 2 other stronger plants are fine, except for specs of it on a couple harvested leaves. sometimes a little bird turd resembles it, but that's usually across a leaf, not growing w/ the leaf.

  8. I smoked reefer long before I ever grew it, but in 9 Summers, I've seen some mold, some powdery mildew (thankfully not a lot), but after seeing these things, I realize that in my high school days and after, I HAD to have smoked both of those things from time to time .I know that I saw ''mud'' on buds of yesteryear that I bought on the street, so to speak. this is why I'm glad(never thought I'd say it) that the Federal G'umint is going to (apparently) be more involved w/ quality control of Cannabis .the state level laws will eventually lead to the Feds finally seeing that they have to get behind weed, and re-consider Hemp, which was very good to our early Republic. anyway, since I now have essentially delved into politics, I'd like to remind folks here (some here already agree) that there is a candidate who wants to stop the ''drug war'' and unlike the 2 clowns….excuse me, candidates, that we choose from every 4 years, even addresses it. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen is the (L) candidate in 2020 .maybe one day we can end battering rams taking doors off hinges, cops and citizens getting shot, all because people like stimulants. always have, always any liquor store, whiskey ,beer and wine are poisons we can choose from freely, which is what Libertarianism is all about.

  9. Milk attracts, specially when sour contains, lactobassilus bacteria. When diluted and sprayed on vegetation they love to feed on any fungi presents and thus destroys powdery mildew. One caution you must spray this when the temperature is not hot so that it can survive and do their job.

  10. Man I lost my productive zucchini plant to this.. so much rain lately. Thank you for this video.

  11. Great info on how to use milk to combat powdery mildew. The great thing about using milk is then when you eat your vegetables you get a small daily helping of dairy. 😎😎😎😎

  12. That’s interesting! I wonder if it would work for powdery mildew on grapevines? I only plant cucumbers that have powdery mildew resistance built in.


  13. No powdery mildew so far this year, probably because of the drought, but I will definitely be keeping this for when it does show up. We have used baking soda spray before, and it was not that effective for us. But I will say that the straw bale garden seems to have made a difference with all sorts of pests!

  14. I tried baking soda, milk, and soap. Can't say I had good success. My squash and cucumber shriveled up and died after the application. Don't know what I did wrong, I did like a 1:1:5 soda/milk/water. I just let the PM go now, I had it from day one, and it is still out there. I don't think living by a river allows for the humidity to drop enough to ever dry them out. If anyone knows what I did wrong, I sure would like to know, but my cucumber dreams were dashed by PM and trying to get rid of it. I am sad, I have so many empty jars that were meant for pickles.

  15. Now you was pose to tank a swig of that sour milk to make sure the texture was just right before adding it into the mix. LOL. Awesome tips buddy! Funny you don't have stink bugs and vine borers in your squash. We sure get them every year. Thanks for the info and how to. Have a great week my friend!

  16. You know it's tough when cleaning fire doesn't do the trick.😬
    Got milk?πŸ˜†πŸ‘

  17. Interesting, I came home from camping and the mildew was everywhere. I will have to try that. We have milk goes bad about once a month.

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