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TOP 40 PRO Tips to Start DOMINATING Siege in 2021

Over 300+ tips that happened in Pro League, I’ve picked the top 40 the most useful tips just for you.

1) 65+ Quick Pro League Tips:
2) 55+ Quick Pro League Tips:
3) 100 Quick Pro League Tips:

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  1. The 2nd trick. I was just waiting for the round to start to throw wamai disc on the balcony and I saw the angle. Tried spawnpeeking and it worked. And I see it here😂RIP my spawnpeek

  2. I think you should stop doing videos like theses because even though they may get us some kills, they aren't going to make us better players. Your videos that go in depth into different strategies and holds/pushes develop our mentality and help us better understand the game in it's whole. Plus it's difficult to remember more than 3 of these tips after watching the video once, so the viewers aren't even learning that.

  3. Everyone’s using that ice tiger face charm or whatever it is but I have never seen how to get it, what ‘s it from?

  4. Do you know what happened to Gregor? He hasn’t posted in 3 weeks and all of his social media’s are deactivated including his twitch. You’re channel is featured on his page so I thought maybe you’d know. I miss him

  5. Also at 8:14, I e often seen many inconsistencies with this particular way of using breaching charges. I feel like these charges are not always equally capable.

  6. First thing first, I really enjoy the majority of your content (that's why I'm being a donator), but to be honest, all those crazy bullethole/shield-pixel-angles etc. Coconut Brah-tier shit is the number #1 reason why I haven't been enjoying ranked lately, it's just unfair. I fell in love with Siege because it rewards playing smart and having better strats than the opponent, and all of this is just crushing it. Sorry for the rant.

  7. Coastline is a great map for angles. Both for defence and offense. Thanks to Kaosx we have some advantage there.

  8. That kids pixel angle by the hatch on Oregon is nice I usually play in kids with smoke and sometimes die to that hatch getting opened from kitchen,
    Great video ❤️

  9. People might ignore the first clip, but it is what they should be doing every round on coastline, which is mindlessly rush no matter what the site is

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