Ultimate Restoration Customer Review By Homeowner For Water Damage Repair & Mold Removal

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Recently, Ultimate Restoration, a company that offers high-quality water, fire, and mold restoration services, was able to help a client experiencing water damage issues. We were able to sit down with the homeowner, Jake, for a post-project restoration interview. Let’s take it over to Jake!

Customer Testimonial By Homeowner For Water Damage Repair & Charlotte Mold Removal

Ultimate Restoration: What was the original issue that led you to contact Ultimate Restoration?
Jake: We originally called Johnny [Ultimate Restoration’s senior technician] because we discovered that in our basement we were having a little bit of water seepage coming through our closets in our finished basement and we had no idea what it was and, really, no idea where to begin.

Ultimate Restoration: When they first arrived on site, how long did it take them to assess the situation and get to work?
Jake: The thing that struck me and stood out to us was how seriously [Johnny] took our issue. He put himself in our shoes right off the bat and understood that this is a crisis in one hand, like having water come through our house and my wife and I were all upset about it. We knew it was going to cost a lot of money we didn’t have and Johnny just put us at ease right off the bat.

Ultimate Restoration: Was there anything that really stood out to you about Ultimate Restoration’s approach to the project?
Jake: There were a couple instances where Johnny said, “You know, I don’t do this with everyone, but I’m going to recommend we pull in an air hygienist and a couple different contractors to come in and assess the situation. And thank goodness he did that! Because the air hygienist he engaged found that we had mold actually not just in the basement but on all three levels, all throughout our house, all at, like, catastrophic, “you need to move your family out NOW” levels. And so Johnny and team were able to find that, put a plan together on how to remediate and then also put forward some solutions to make sure it never comes back again. So I feel like we not only got rid of the mold that was coming in through the basement, but we also found out that we weren’t running our air conditioner unit enough. I didn’t know that part of an air conditioner’s job is to take the moisture out of the air. So if you’re not running it enough in the summertime by keeping your thermostat down, then the [indoor] humidity levels rise and when the humidity’s up, that’s when you get mold. So that’s what caused the mold throughout the house. We would never have found that if Johnny hadn’t told us to look in that way.

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