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Uncommon Places where Mold Thrives

There are some places in our house that you may not be aware of where mold could live, grow and multiply. We tend to seek the common places like basements, bathrooms and kitchens to look for molds. Molds live in moist areas so it could be anywhere as long as the sun cannot reach it. The mold in the house usually look like slimy dark green or black molds, some could be powdery especially if they no longer have enough moisture to feed on but it could still be dangerous to you and your family’s health.

mold growth

Molds can live in your living room, on your indoor plants that were over-watered; they would live on its soil. Mold could live under your big furniture, in your closet in the clothes that were not thoroughly dried. The same is true in your laundry basket especially if dirty clothes are wet as well.

Health risks

There are a lot of types of indoor mold but the most dangerous is the toxic black mold. This type of mold releases toxins called Mycotoxins and it has a foul musky smell. Some of the symptoms for a short period of mold exposure are sore throat, coughing, sneezing, teary eyes, itchy skin, rashes and could even trigger asthma attacks.

asthma attacks
asthma attack

Long periods of mold exposure could be really dangerous. Some symptoms includes dizziness, difficulty in breathing, severe skin allergy, bleeding inside the lungs and mental health problems. This doesn’t only affect humans, animals and pets could be affected as well. They may experience difficulty in breathing, lose appetite and the worse thing is, it could be deadly.

Actions need to be taken !

Clean your house on a regular basis from basement to your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms and attic. Make sure to keep your house well ventilated. Open your windows and doors. If that is not possible; install exhaust fans, dehumidifiers and air conditioning system. This helps the steam out of your walls and ceiling, circulate the air in your house and let it breathe.

In a very humid place, installing air conditioning systems could be expensive but it is the fastest and easiest way to lower the humidity level in your house; it also provides comfort. Never install a wall to wall carpet in your basement and bathroom; they only absorb moisture and could become a breeding ground for molds. A small patch of mold could be easily killed and cleaned using bleach or vinegar. Just place it in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the affected area, scrub it and wipe it clean and dry. Just make sure to wear gloves, mask and goggles for protection. However, if the mold that you have at home seem too much to handle, you may need to call professional mold removers.

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