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Watch this before you put a bathroom in your basement | Bathroom Rough In Tips

How to rough in a basement bathroom during renovation 🛠
You bought a new house, and you have a roughed-in bathroom with some plumbing sticking out of the concrete downstairs in the basement. Now what? For links to purchase the products in this video CLICK SHOW MORE ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

Today I’m sharing with you my top tips for taking your basement bathroom from rough into finished DIY renovation on your own! Here are the steps you need to consider to get a professional result for your basement bathroom renovation.

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  1. great video, thanks for posting, but I must say……
    Getting permits and inspections doesn't lead to "not having problems down the road." It's rather a false sense of security given to the ignorant homeowner who never learned to manage their asset, creating jobs funded through forced regulations in the name of security.
    It's difficult not to have a cynical perspective when the ones writing and enforcing codes are not liable when there are issues that "passed inspection." Not to mention projects take twice as long depending on the height of the inspector and codes constantly changing every year. It's almost like certain manufacturers are in the pockets of the code writers.

  2. My rough-in has no vent, just 3 holes in the ground cut flush with the cement. I have a feeling I have to now break concrete to add couples for the drain pipe to run up to the fixtures? Also can I use a cheater vent in the wall or do I have to build a real vent or find one by breaking out the drywall thats already in?

  3. @7:52 How can you tell what these are suppose to be used for? I have a stub out like that in my basement but its pointing down and NOT capped. I thought this was for my vent line for when I install my vanity plumbing that's already roughed in.

  4. Wow! I am glad to know that I am not the only one that bought a house with a roughed in basement that has a shower drain that was placed randomly. And of course, you have a video for it! Thanks

  5. I am building a new house.

    The only pipe under the basement slab
    is the 4 inch Septic Line, with a 2 inch basement floor drain
    connected into the 4 inch line under the slab with
    the drain located in the floor about 4 feet away.

    It 4 inch septic line comes up out of the slab, in the corner of the basement
    where the master bath will be directly overhead on the fist floor

    My Inspector is a easy to get along with person
    He indicated I should put a vent in the main 4 inch septic
    close to where the drain connects, I would guess to keep the
    septic from sucking out the Trap water on the basement drain.

    So should I install a 4 x 4 x 2 TEE and make the 2 inch vent my main vent

  6. Hi! We are doing our basement bathroom. Where we can connect our bathroom plumb vent? Can we use cheater vent?

  7. I assume he is in a basement. That vapor barrier behind him is wrong! Do not put a vapor barrier on inside with fiberglass, concrete and wet earth behind it. This will create a mold sandwich. I see this all the time. builders think you insulate a basement wall the same as above grade. It may take a while and when the mold appears the installer who did it is long gone.

  8. What are your thoughts on venting rough-ins going to an ejector pit? My understanding is I can wet vent off the ejector pit if I’m within 5 feet of the pit. Is that accurate? Should I vent each line anyway?

  9. I've seen videos where they have installed sewage ejectors for the basement toilet, I'm assuming that that is not always necessary. So, my question is when is this necessary? My basement has a pipe for the toilet and a smaller pipe sticking out of the floor, am I correct to assume that proper venting already exists? And if I want an extra drain for a shower, do I have to install extra venting?

  10. Great video. Thank you. Quick question and this might be a silly one. I understand that the rough-in for a toilet flange has to 12.5 inch off the studs. However I'm planning on putting drywall and tile behind my toilet (around the whole bathroom half wall up). Meaning I would need my flange rough-in to be about 12.75 to 13 inches off the studs. Is that ok? Thanks for your help Jeff.

  11. Hello Jeff, What if there is no rough-in to the basement? Would it be a major change to the cost to add the rough-in to an existing basement?

  12. Can we make washroom where the roughing is not available in basement. We found a house where basement is fully finished but we can't find Roughing. I wonder if we will make washroom and how difficult it would be.

  13. Hi Jeff!! Can you put a suspended ceiling in the basement bathroom above the shower or is this not a good idea? The contractor says to build a bulkhead and put drywall above the shower and then put suspended ceiling for the rest of the bathroom ceiling. I want a pro's opinion so Could you please help!!! Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  14. We have a plastic cover over our shower drain and are having trouble removing it. Is there an easy way to remove it?

  15. Hi Jeff, I have a question. You often mentioned to get permit from the city and the
    need to pass inspections. Who does those inspections? Just got the
    permits for the New house construction from the city's construction
    inspector and he told me to give him a call when it's all done and ready
    to move in for a final inspection. We've been working on this project
    for months and I always assumed the inspections were done by him. Is
    there something I'm missing or is it just lax City laws? I'm in the
    province of Quebec.

  16. Hi! any tips/suggestions for a shower base to install a 48’ linear drain against the wall? Cheers!

  17. Hi Jeff moen recommends to use copper from the valve to the spout, is that really necessary or can i just use pex thanks

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