Wet & Forget

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Wet & Forget is an outdoor cleaner for any exterior surface including your deck, cement, siding, painted surfaces, roof, brick, awning and more. Clean up moss, mold, mildew, and algae, without scrubbing or power washing. Wet & Forget couldn’t be easier to apply, simply spray and walkaway. #wetandforget

8 thoughts on “Wet & Forget

  1. Like me you probably have been disappointed by product claims that fall short on delivery. ¬†With some apprehension I just tried Wet&Forget for moss and mold, mildew and algae. We had it all on our travertine walkway. The operative word here is Had…it's all gone. After you apply it as directed, just forget about it. Don't watch it everyday. Be patient and let it do its thing. I assure you that you will be thrilled with the outcome. No more expensive power washes for me. Wet&Forgets simply does what it claims to do. How refreshing is that?

  2. This stuff is great. I sprayed it on my cedar fence and cedar shake roof. It works real well. Spray it on and wait a month or two and you can see a real difference. I love this stuff and I guarantee you will too. Now I wish I would get some residuals back for this endorsement.

  3. I guess is worth a try…..my house is white and the new paints get moldy.
    Every year I have to have the house power washed, expensive and it damages the paint.
    The last time I had the tennis court power washed the force of the spray lifted some of the surface, and usually not all needs to be washed.
    What do I have to loose?

  4. This is a great product. I've tried it first hand. You can find it on our website, hardtofinditems, if your interested in buying it.


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