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What Causes Mold in Houses ?

What Causes Mold?

You must have already heard and encountered molds but are you aware of how these creatures evolve and develop in your home? The fact is that there are many factors that contribute to the development, growth, or buildup of molds in your home and they include the following:


If you notice that the weather seems to be very humid for several days then this will most likely encourage the growth of molds in your house. This is especially true when rain pours for several days. the common places where molds can be seen include the walls, ceiling, benches and other materials or areas that are most likely exposed to water or wet air.

Now if your home is situated in a coastal area or near a river, sea, or lake then chances are molds are likely to grow in your home because there is high humidity in such places. As water evaporates in your home, this will greatly increase the humidity level inside and will definitely stay there for a long span of time.

If you tend to dry your clothes inside your home then this can also contribute to the increased level of humidity inside. The same thing is also true if you are using HVAC systems that cools or heats the air in an artificial manner.

There are homes that make use of dehumidifiers. The fact is that there are molds that seem to grow at a 55% range. In this regard, it is very important to maintain your dehumidifiers at a range of not more than 55%; ideally, the level should be anywhere below 55%.

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Leaking Pipes

One of the most common causes of mold growths is a leaking pipeline. This comes even worse when such leaks come undetected. The moment you have detected these leaks, it is more likely that molds have already developed and spread.


Leaks in Roof

A leaking roof goes into the attic can also cause mold growth. To remedy this, you need to constantly check your attic and the ceiling below it.

Other causes of mold growth also include condensation, poor ventilation, wet clothes, and flooding.

Knowing the causes of molds, you must be observant and alert on the presence of these elements in your home. Since mold is a type of fungi, it is essential to practice prevention and control in order not to harm the health of the family members living in the home.

As far as remediation is concerned, do-it-yourself methods are acceptable however, they are not a guarantee that molds will be removed permanently. As such, dealing with a quality service provider is the best solution. All you need to do is search for a company online. To be able to find the best company, make sure to communicate with them. Molds are indeed a serious problem. Do not let these organisms grow in your home because they are capable of causing several problems including health problems.

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