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Which Caulk or Sealant Adhesive Do You Need?

Which one of the hundreds of tubes should you grab from the shelf of your builder’s merchant or buy online?

Here are a few options for sealant adhesives

🛒 HB42 Ultimate Sealant Adhesive:

🛒 CT1 Sealant Adhesive:

🛒 Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power:

🛒 Sikaflex EBT+ Three In One Adhesive:

🛒 Gorilla Glue Grab Adhesive:

🛒 UniBond No More Nails:

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  1. Thanks to you tube for putting you in my feed, Subscribed, in the building trade as a decorator for 40 year's and you have confirmed my suspicions about products and where to spend and where to not. Thanks for the science.

  2. Have you ever watched the Hoof GP? . He's using something out of a twin barrel set of mastic type tubes with a mixer spout to stick plastic hoof spacers to the underside of a cows hoof. This stuff seems to go solid in moments and with a few minutes the a 3/4 ton beast is marching across the farmyard with a fresh stuck cow stiletto. This stuff, whatever it is would be well handy in the building trade.

  3. Roger… I hope you see this request…
    Could you do a vid on metal vs plastic? As I understand.. metals conducts heat (=loss), and plastic is an insulator (=retention). So why are copper pipes and steel baths favoured over plastic pipes and baths. Genuine diy noob question.. and it is really bugging me.. 🙂

  4. I really like the dowsil sanitary sealant for sinks and bathrooms it's lasted white the longest so far from the ones I've used and it's not too expensive, about £4-£6 in Screwfix and for windows Allanson's aro seal is great, I've used it quite a bit where I work, but it's a right pain to use due to its viscosity but I can't find a standard public supplier only industrial.

  5. Thanks a Roger – lots of great info here on a confusing topic. A great tip regarding the filler rod, which makes total sense (and I never knew existed!) – how many times have we seen silicone which has come away from one surface, as it can’t stretch? Great channel and delivered in a way which is educational, but is based on real world experience. (I’ve just watched the episode where the bifold doors were made the wrong size and glad this sort of thing doesn’t just happen to me!)

  6. I know it a little off topic but desperate times call for desperate measures. Can anybody point me in the right direction to somebody who can repair shower trays. The inevitable happened to me over the weekend and a tile has dropped on the shower tray and has created a hole. I’m based in west wales and I can not find someone in my area. Does anyone know of someone who will travel or is fairly local? I would really appreciate the help guys👍🏻

  7. This was brilliant. I've learned about Hybrid polymer sealants and filler rods – that's a educational day in my world.

  8. Great clip Roge…

    Got any brand names for the neutral curing gear?…is it the same as 'frame sealant' ?

    Screwfix do a great caulk called nemesis…different from the normal stuff, and dearer, but non shrink.

    No mention of not being able to paint over silicone?

  9. Ct1 for adhesive. Stuck a whole house of oak 5” Ogee skirting with no fixings. Fantastic product. Expensive but worth it if you want a belt and braces job.

    Soudal/everbuild neutral cure for external frame sealing/expansion joints.

    Only use water base pink grip for mdf skirting find it’s adheres better than the solvent base ones.

    Pink grip solvent base on sticking stuff to steels ie element board or plasterboard.

    Top gun caulk for exterior
    Dulux caulk for interior

    Plumbers mate for anything water base as it polymer base and instantly seals.

    Can’t stand grip fill.

  10. I could only find CT1 online but now Wicks is sticking it . Thanks god . B&Q seem to only stock things from only a couple of brands

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